Solving The Fat Loss Puzzle

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It seems that everyone thinks they have the perfect solution to weight loss, or like to make people think they do, but in reality they have no clue what they are talking about or what ideas they are promoting. 

And, some people seem to have a “magical” solution for losing excess weight, but in reality its not magic that will help take the fat off. 

The “magic” really isn’t magic at all, but is a combination of commitment, proper nutrition, optimal supplementation, and quality training. And like a puzzle, it takes all of the puzzle pieces to make it complete. 

In other words, you can’t just follow the nutrition portion of a weight loss plan and ignore the training aspects. It takes proper nutrition, training, supplementation, and perseverance to create a long-term fat loss solution that you can live with.

A strong, detailed, comprehensive plan that gives you the odds and ends of weight loss, muscle development, and body toning. 

No matter how many different people there are that come from all walks of life and have all different body types, I have learned some important lessons about losing fat. One thing that clearly stands out is that is definitely takes a long-term commitment to achieve permanent results for the rest of your life. 

Certainly, short-term weight loss can be achieved by using metabolic tricks, such as depleting carbohydrates and losing water weight, but this can lead to weight regain and other health problems in the long run. 

The goal of solving the fat loss puzzle is to create a healthy lifestyle that enables you to continue losing fat and maintain your desired weight. Rather than relying on metabolic tricks, you should be addressing the problem of long term weight loss and achieving a permanent healthy body. 

Many people fall for all of those metabolic tricks and are so satisfied with the fast results they get, but don’t realize that they will regain that weight back faster than they lost it because they aren’t addressing the real issue of weight loss. 

You need to address the problem of weight loss by making it long-term and ignoring all of these metabolic tricks that do absolutely NOTHING for your body and health in the long run. 

A good weight loss program will make your body work for, not against, you to maximize fat burning while minimizing fat storage. It’s actually estimated that after one year, over 90 percent of people who go on a diet end up a few pound heavier than when they started. 

I know this must be a huge disappointment but there is a reason for this, and you can avoid getting caught in this problem. 

The problem is that you need to look at body fat, not body weight. People who are obsessed with overall body weight tend to regain weight faster because they are using metabolic tricks to get the weight off, and this is the wrong way. 

Once your body adapts to the tricks, the results will diminish faster than when you received them. Plus, if you lose lean muscle mass (as opposed to fat), you actually lower your metabolic rate and decrease the body’s ability to lose fat. 

The key is to preserve lean muscle mass, lose body fat, and be happy doing it too. The key to solving the fat loss puzzle is to either create your own plan or follow an instructional plan that REALLY works to help you achieve the goals you desire. 

So, here is a plan that you can follow and even use to create your own custom weight loss plan. With your weight loss plan there should be seven puzzle pieces that all come together to form the puzzle of weight loss. 

Here are the puzzle pieces:

1) Use techniques that maximize your metabolism and get you to get rid of food much faster, in a healthy, natural way.

2) Optimize your fat-burning hormones. Develop a program that consists of a daily intake of hormones that promote fat-burning and get you to burn more fat in a shorter amount of time.

3) Boost your nutrient absorption. This should be pretty self-explanatory because all you need to do basically is increase the amount of nutrients and weight loss-promoting supplements your body takes in.

4) Lower fat-causing cortisol levels in your diet.

5) Balance blood sugar and insulin levels. This is extremely important because it not only prevents the development of diabetes in your body, but it promotes a consistent and equal level of both sugar and insulin to prevent extra fat take-in.

6) Target the..dare I say it, dreaded abdominal fat. Develop a workout program that consists of aerobics exercises that chip away at that unwanted abdominal fat, and the more exercises you do, the more you’ll see that abdominal fat fade away. 

Also along with aerobics exercises, do exercises that pound and target every area of your abdominals, to develop a chiseled, strong abdominal core.

7) Provide abdominal friendly foods and supplements that can be used to effectively reduce body fat and maintain lean body mass over the long term. 

There are extremely healthy foods out there that are designed to give you the best nutrition, help you lose weight, and even maintain a lean body mass. 

Also, you need to eat small portions of these healthy foods instead of huge meals and this will slowly lead to appetite control and fat loss. 

Even though people see good, short-term results through whatever program they think is working for them, its not the short-term results that will help you reach your weight loss goals, but its the long-term, permanent fat loss program you need to invest in. 

Utilize these tips and put the fat loss puzzle pieces together to achieve your goals and get the body you’ve always dreamed of. 

Remember anything that is worth achieving requires effort and dedication. 

I know you have both, so get out there and start working towards fast weight loss and achieve that lean, muscular body.


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