3 Best Tips To Obtaining Your Physical Peak Fast

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Are you aiming to get the leanest body in the shortest amount of time possible and reach your highest physical peak? Do you have some kind of photo shoot coming up or something important where the appearance of your body is extremely critical? 

I know the answer is yes, or else you wouldn’t be reading this right now, so let’s see how you can really get the leanest body possible. 

Now this article is for those that have something coming up in the next two weeks or so that require their body to appear extremely physically chiseled and attractive. 

There are three main tips to really reaching your physical peak in almost no time, and these are the most powerful secrets that I can share with you. 

These are simple and detailed guidelines that, if followed properly, can lead to a peak physique. 

However, remember that you won’t just obtain the best body with no work, because anything worth achieving takes hard work and effort. 

So here are the three main goals for reaching that physical peak: maintain as much lean muscle mass as possible, lose as much body fat as you possibly can, and if you have lost alot already then lose that last bit of fat, and lastly, get rid of excess body water to allow your muscles to appear super ripped and chiseled. 

But these three goals are extremely tough to reach, so let’s see how you can maximize these goals in as little time as possible so you have the most chiseled appearing body as possible. 

Maintain Lean Muscle:

Now just maintaining lean muscle mass requires consuming plenty of high-quality protein. 

The protein sources I recommend are orange roughy fish, which can be found at your local market, along with low-sodium tuna, egg whites, and even chicken breast. 

There are good sources of protein that are low in fat and have relatively low sodium, and there are protein supplements amino acids needed for building lean muscle. 

It is also extremely important to consume supplements that are anti-catabolic (don’t cause muscle breakdown during metabolism), that can help maintain lean muscle and lower muscle breakdown, especially in a diet plan that limits calories. 

The kind of supplements I recommend are special amino acids called branched amino acids. 

These special amino acids act directly in increasing the power of protein synthesis, minimize muscle breakdown, spare more protein, and even reduce abdominal fat, which really allows your six pack abs to be more defined and exposed.  

Lose As Much Body Fat As You Can:

Losing body fat is the second main goal in reaching your physical peak in the fastest time possible for those photo shoots or contests involving the appearance of your body.

Now you can’t just lose a lot of body fat during the time you have to prepare for that photo shoot or contest, but you can lose some of that last bit that may be left and easier to lose. 

First, you want to use thermogenic fat-loss supplements, which are those supplements that increase the amount of fat that is lost and therefore increases your weight loss. 

The two best supplements I recommend are “Fat Grabbers” and “Carbo Grabbers” by Natures Sunshine, because they will actually work to get you fast weight loss, and they are completely safe by providing only the best nutrients and herbs. 

Second, your meals should be very low in fat and should consist of low-fat, low-sodium proteins, a complex carbohydrate source, and fibrous vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower. 

Third, do a cardio workout at least three times a week, and remember you don’t have to limit yourself to three because the more the better. 

Get Rid of Excess Water:

Getting rid of excess water is the last and possibly one of the most important goals to obtaining your peak physique. 

It is extremely important to consume one to one and a half gallons of water daily to help flush out toxins and excess sodium, so that it allows muscles to appear tighter and more chiseled.

Try your best to drink distilled water for the best results because it will lower your daily sodium intake. 

About sixteen hours before your photo shoot or contest, lower your water intake drastically and only sip water as needed, so your body has the best, most slim appearance. 

You should only drink about 16 ounces of water during the last 12 to 16 hours before your event, so that you insure that excess body water can be eliminated. 

Also, consider taking a beneficial, natural herbal diuretic such as dandelion root, starting about three days before your event, so that you can flush out your system. 

You also need to limit sodium intake to around 1,000 mg daily during this last week before you aim to reach that physical peak. This will help lower water retention and allow for your muscles to look more lean. 

So remember these three huge secrets when you are aiming to obtain your physical peak in the least amount of time. 


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