What Fats Are Good For Diets And Why

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Not All Fats Are Bad For You:

Now I know that many people will tell you that fats are terrible for you, and if you are on a diet then you should completely avoid all fats as best you can; but there are actually many fats that benefit you in a number of ways. 

Many fats actually provide huge benefits for exercising individuals and athletes as well. Supplying nine calories per gram, fats provide energy to the body and essential fats, which can help support hormone levels, neurological function, and cell membrane stability. 

However, you have to be able to determine what fats are good for your diet, and which ones will bring your workout results down and even set you back to where you started with your diet. 

There are saturated fats and unsaturated fats out there. 

The Fats You Want To Avoid:

Saturated fats are the ones you generally want to avoid because of the terrible effects they can have on your body, including heart and cardiovascular problems. 

Saturated fats include things like trans fats, animal fats, palm oil, and even coconut oil. 

Saturated fats will bring your results down and they are something that you need to be sure you aren’t eating in your diet plan.

WIth saturated fats, your exercises and workouts will not give you the results that you’d be getting if you had a good diet that only had the good kind of fats, which are unsaturated. 

Saturated fats actually will seem to take away your energy during workouts, cause you to feel sluggish, and take away the good results that you should be receiving with a good diet. 

So, be sure to stay away from saturated fats at all costs, and take extra caution with the kind of fats you put into your body.

The Good Beneficial Fats:

Now unsaturated fats include essential fatty acids like omega-3s and omega-6s that benefit your body. 

These essential fatty acids cannot be made by the body and need to be taken in through foods and supplementation. 

There are a huge number of positive benefits of essential fatty acids. 

They decrease muscle breakdown, increase the secretion of the growth hormone, improve the action of insulin, enhance oxygen utilization and energy transformation required for optimal performance, decrease total cholesterol, increase the good cholesterol in your body, and even support liver function and immune function. 

This means that if you are on a diet, then you need to be sure you get your fill of unsaturated fats, and stay clear of saturated fats. 

With unsaturated fats, you can optimize your workouts and exercises because your muscles won’t breakdown, you’ll have more energy, and your cholesterol will be lessened, causing you to feel less fatigued.

Unsaturated fats are highly recommended for any six pack abs diet or weight loss diet you might be on. 

Be sure you pay close attention to the kinds of fats you’re taking in though, because you don’t want to be taking in the kind of fats that you’re supposed to be avoiding, because they will end up hurting your body. 

Here are some recommended sources of the good fat: 

-All-natural peanut butter

-Sunflower seeds



-Olive Oil

-Sunflower Oil

-Flaxseed Oil


-Fish Oil, DHA and EPA



-Orange Roughy


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