How Water Plays A Key Role In Weight Loss

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Hydration is an important aspect of the perfect diet plan and losing weight. Water is a very underrated but essential nutrient in a fitness program.

It has many functions in the body, including getting rid of toxins that would otherwise develop more unwanted fat inside your body and out. 

Water is so important in losing weight because of one main fact, and that is because it promotes cellular hydration or cell volumization, which can lead to an anabolic environment inside cells.

Healthy Environment Inside Your Body:

It is so vital to provide a good environment inside your body, because the environment of your cells is what promotes the amount of fat loss on both the inside and outside of your body. With a healthy environment inside the cells of your body, your body will naturally promote weight loss by getting rid of excess fat.

Weight loss is said to start inside your body, which means at the core of your cells. This is why a healthy environment causes your body to not need as much fat as is stored, which means it gets rid of that excess fat that you want to be rid of.

Develop Muscle Extremely Faster:

Water promotes healthy muscles as well, for those who are trying to lose weight and develop muscle. According to research, dehydrating a muscle by as little as 3 percent can lead to a 12 percent decrease in strength and muscle development.

That is a HUGE decrease. That huge of a decrease in strength can cause you to not have the strength to get through workouts and exercises, which means you lose much less of that unwanted fat.

The reason dehydrating a muscle can lead to such a drastic loss of strength is because your muscle cells are 70 percent water. Without the assistance of water, strength would be lost, dehydration would occur, and fat loss would decrease dramatically because your cells’ environment would not be suitable to promote as much weight loss as could occur with the help of water.

A recent study has shown that dehydration can cause a significant drop in your resting metabolic rate. Research indicates that you can dehydrate up to 6 percent of your body weight during exercise, which is why a good diet plan calls for at least a gallon of water daily.

It is vitally important to drink at least one gallon of water daily with the right diet plan. because water is one of the key components to a powerful weight loss diet.


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