Common Misconceptions About Crunches

Crunches Alone Can’t Get The Job Done:

Lately I have noticed that there has been a lot of confusion regarding crunches, and the goals people have in doing crunches. But, I am here to tell you that crunches alone do not have the power to get rid of the fatty layer as well as tone your six pack abdominals at the same time. 

First of all crunches can only tone the abs get them stronger, they can’t just instantly get rid of the fatty layer that covers the abdominal muscles. 

Crunches alone can’t even get rid of that fatty layer over a long period of time, because it takes so much more than that.

Don’t Be Confused:

Crunches are meant to be abdominal strengthening and often get confused with a belly fat loss exercise. 

However, crunches were never meant to get rid of that belly fat that covers your abdominals, but were meant to be an exercise to tone your abdominals along with those exercises that actually get rid of any flab around your stomach so that those toned six pack abs can actually be visible. 

The reason most people do crunches is to get six pack abs, but what most people don’t realize is that they’re only toning their abdominals area while it’s still hidden under that loose belly fat. 

So what can you do along with crunches to make sure your work is actually worth while? One of the easiest most well known ways to get rid of that belly fat, is to do some form of aerobic exercise like jogging, cycling, or even taking aerobics classes for about 30 minutes 3-4 times a week. 

Simple Aerobics + Crunches Is What You Need:

So, jogging, cycling, and any kind of aerobics classes are all absolutely necessary because they help increase your metabolic rate. Now who cares about metabolic rate at all and what does it even do for your body along with the crunches?

Well by increasing your metabolic rate, you’re causing your body to use up all stored forms of energy, including all of the fats that you’re wanting to get rid of. 

Aerobic exercises burn calories and mainly fat while exercising, which is the overall goal of performing these exercises along with crunches. And if you are looking to tone your body and gain some muscle along with your crunches and aerobics, then weight lifting is something I highly recommend. 

Don’t Forget Weight Lifting:

Weight lifting build muscles and requires you to burn calories both while you’re working out and resting in between workouts, because working out requires so much energy just to exist. 

So basically, the main point is that muscles increase your metabolism, and enhance overall performance. 

Now the reason crunches and aerobics go hand in hand is because you’re killing two birds with one stone, burning that belly fat and toning your stomach at the same time.

Now I recommend you perform this everyday or every other day if you really are in no rush to getting six pack abs. 

This process is meant to go hand in hand with those who really have no time goal in mind and are in no rush to get six pack abs, because results with this process could take anywhere from two weeks to a month and this is perfect for those who are aiming to get six pack abs but really have no specific time to reach that goal.

So, do crunches and aerobics 4-6 times a week and start getting results and don’t feel like you have to rush in getting those six pack abs either.

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