I'm Not Ready to Put my Feet up Yet.

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I’m not ready to put my feet up yet.

Tired Leo after a walk.Tired Leo after a walk.

I remember when I reached my 30th birthday, how sad I felt because I really didn’t want to leave my twenties. I can look back and laugh at my immaturity now. By the time I reached 40, I didn’t care, I was learning so much more about life, likewise when I reached 50 too. A few years ago, came the dreaded 60, but I am now learning to embrace each year, and be grateful that I still have my life, because not everyone is so lucky, and their life can be cut short in an instant. It really is true that age is only a number, and inside I am still that crazy impetuous 18 year old, even if my mirror tells a different story.

More about me.

I am fortunate that I have good health, and I try to keep it that way by exercising. I walk for at least an hour every day, and Leo my dog thoroughly approves. I swim and play badminton too. I am not a good swimmer, when my family were growing up, I used to feel embarrassed on family swimming trips, that I couldn’t dive in, and only swum breaststroke. Now I find that slowly swimming breastroke is great at de-stressing me, and as for diving in, I have the perfect excuse not to now, as I wear contact lenses.

I like going down the chute, though, closing my eyes when I hit the water, but maybe when I am 70 I may have to stop, for the sake of my dignity. It would be nice to see just one other person of about my age doing it too, but I never do.

I love to play Badminton

As for the badminton, I am the oldest player there by about 10 years, and probably the most stupid. I run about the court, and dive to the net to try and defend the shots, usually ending up hot and breathless, but I love it, and my fighting spirit is such that I try so hard, but rarely win. I always feel my partners have drawn the short straw when they play with me, we only win occasionally, but it is a non competitive group thank goodness, and the buzz it gives me afterwards is truly amazing.

When I reached 60, prescriptions became free, swimming only costs £1, bus journeys are free too at the moment, some of the pubs do special rates for seniors at lunchtime, hearing and sight tests are free, and coach fares are half price. Well it’s only fair , we have worked all our lives, and now have to rely on a pension, so I think we have earned it. I am 67 and proud of it, and each day I learn something new, and I will continue to try and keep all the apparatus that is me, in decent working order for as long as I can, because it won’t be that long before I embrace 70, God willing.

I suppose what I am trying to say here, is that I still enjoy my life very much, and long may it last. My mind is youthful, and I am not ready to sit down yet.
Take care everyone.



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