Butler Passed Food And Drinks

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A great tip to avoid bar lines at your wedding is to have the venue cocktail or butler pass a signature drink during the first hour of your reception. Having drinks and food butler passed adds a touch of class. In addition, your guests will feel catered to as the server asks if they would enjoy a cocktail and appetizer while waiting on the bride and groom to arrive.

Many wedding-goers know what to do when the reception doors open; Drink! Whether the reception is a cash bar or an open bar, every attendee will hit the bar to get something to wet their whistle. The lines tend to get long as everyone is deciding what they want to drink, if they need cash, and how many drinks to order.

If the venue has an option to have butler passed beverages, you may find that the lines do not get out of control. If you have a cash bar, you may be able to pre-pay for a certain amount of beverages to be passed during that cocktail hour. If you have already paid for sodas, the servers can offer complimentary soda for those who are not drinking liquor.

Having a signature drink can reflect your wedding colors adding to the décor of the room. The signature drink can also have a creative name that links back directly to the wedding couple or to weddings in general. You can add “tini” to your last name to create a drink name or combine your names together to create a unique name. For example, if your last name is Smith, the drink can be the “Smithtini.” Or if your names are Melissa and Corey, the drink can be the “Corlissa” or the “Melrey.”

The additional touch of butler passing food and drinks creates an atmosphere for your guests to make them feel welcomed and included in the reception. This addition also encourages your guests to mingle with each other as the food and drinks come to them. There is no need to feel rushed to get in line and miss an important conversation. During this portion of the reception, if the wedding couple is not in attendance it also helps with the wait time for the bridal party to arrive.


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