How to Find a Luxury Hotel

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Below are some considerations that you may take into account when you select a luxury hotel. 

  • Has all-inclusive pricing, including both meals and activities in the rate

  • Offers a pool experience better than what you typically find

  • Location is convenient to your planned activities/events Is a boutique type hotel

  • Participates in a frequent guest program that you are a member of

  • Helps you plan meals, activities, etc., before you get to the hotel – during the trip planning process Is welcoming and comfortable for children

  • You have heard lots of positive buzz about the brand/hotel Is exclusive

  • Offers the ability to prepare own meal Is a stylish hotel

  • Staff proactively takes care of you; you don’t have to ask for anything

  • Has great guest rooms where you would want to spend time

  • Offers ability for adults and kids to sleep in separate spaces, but still be connected

  • Has beautiful surroundings and grounds

  • Décor and features reflect the local area

  • Offers the best price in the area for my desired quality and price range

  • Has spaces (outside the guest room) where I’d want to relax and hang out 

  • Has a spa with a full range of services

  • Has a top quality restaurant

  • Helps you to find “hidden gems” in the local area

  • Has adult-only areas (e.g., pool, floors, etc.) 

  • Is luxurious 

  • Offers organized kids’ activities or a Kids Club

  • Offers affordable pricing

  • Offers flexible grab & go food/beverage options Is hip and cool

  • Offers opportunities to connect with other interesting guests 

  • Offers casual dining options

  • Helps you enjoy the local area

  • Provides organized family activities

  • Offers personalized service tailored to your preferences

  • Provides transportation to/from the airport and around the local area

  • All or some meals are included in rate

  • Does not feel like a business hotel 

Here is another scale of preference. Where are you located in the range?




                      Independent hotel————————————————–Part of a well-known chain

The best way to find out about the quality of customer service at any hotel is to call them. Pretend that you need a favor or just have some questions. You will know right away whether or not this is the right hotel for you.



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