Harmful Ingredients in Cigarettes

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A cigarette has fire at one end, a fool at the other end and a bit of tobacco in between, with all due apologies to smokers.  It is the only consumer product, which when used as directed kills its consumer.  What makes a cigarette so addictive that people smoke even though they are aware that it is harmful? 

What is a cigarette made of?

Millions of people smoke billions of cigarettes all over the world.  What exactly is a cigarette made of?  Tobacco is the main ingredient in cigarettes.  Finely cut tobacco leaves are wrapped in a paper and a filter is attached at the end which goes to the lips.  PVA (Poly Vinyl Acetate) glue is used to bind the paper.  Cellulose acetate is used to manufacture the cigarette filters.  Different forms of micro crystalline cellulose are applied to the paper covering the tobacco to regulate its rate of burning. 

The tobacco blend differentiates one cigarette from another.  A list of 599 additives (chemical compounds) which were used in the manufacture of cigarettes, were submitted to United States Department of Health and Human Services in April 1994 by five major cigarette manufacturing companies.  People generally believe that additives are added to give flavor.  But the main purpose of using additives is to improve tobacco’s potency.  This results in the smokers becoming more addictive which would result in more sales to the tobacco manufacturing companies. 

Chemical compounds in the above mentioned list would produce more than 40 carcinogenic compounds and other dangerous toxins when burnt.  Ammonia, hydrogen cyanide (deadly poison), DDT (banned harmful insecticide), nicotine, carbon monoxide (proved to be poisonous), formaldehyde, tar and arsenic (used in rat poison) are few of them.  Filters that are used do not prevent these harmful chemical compounds from entering the body. 

The link below contains the full list of chemical compounds used in the manufacture of cigarettes.


Cigarette is a slow poison. It is a good idea to give up smoking gradually. Help is available on the internet for all those who intend to give up smoking.  It is easy if the will power is used. 


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