Summer is to Enjoy And Not to Injure

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Summer is beauty. It is a season to enjoy. It is a season of sunlight, joys and adventures. It is the time of excitement of spending hours at the pool replacing spending of long hours at home, looking at snow or ice on the ground. Nature adorns herself in lush and green, while flowers of different types and colors are in blessed bloom. All the outdoor excitement and activities bring on different summer experiences of indelible memories.

At the same time, summer brings with it the red flags of health problems. If not careful, there are a lot of chances for accidents, injuries and other health dangers. Children and youngsters are the most affected in summer. Many of these dangers and illnesses can be avoided with certain precautions.

Health hazards of summer

There are many health hazards in summer, especially for children. Being aware of them can help you a lot to be careful and combat these potential problems. Health problems may arise from nature, environment, and summer activities.

1) Summer safety

Parents should be aware of the problems of summer. They should realize health and safety of children going out to play or go to summer camps when the kids are out of sight of the parents. Instructions should be given properly to prevent health hazards and accidents. If the kids are guided properly and once they are made aware of the dangers, they can protect themselves and their friends from these dangers.

2) Let not the sun burn you and your kids

The main health problem that many children face during summer is the sunburn. It is serious that even a few bad sunburns can increase your risk of skin cancer. Sunburns can be, at times, very painful and obviously may look very horrible.  Children may feel uncomfortable and irritated for quite a while. 

By taking necessary precaution you can prevent sunburns. Many people have a wrong notion that you can get sunburns only when it is cloudy and even not hot.  You should know that even when you are in the shade some of the sun’s rays can come through and affect your health.

Prevent sunburn with a sunscreen. Apply sunscreen as per the directions since some may require the application in advance of when they will actually be out in the sun.  Sometimes it may be washed out and so you should be careful to apply it after the due hours as per directions.  In addition, you can also avoid sunburn by staying in the shade, especially during the worst part of the day, using umbrellas, etc.  You can limit your time in the sun. You can avoid direct sun by wearing sun-protective clothing or wide-brimmed hats.

3) Dehydration is another health problem of summer

The heat of the sun causes dehydration especially in children. They can get easily dehydrated in the summer since they are too active involved in their games. They should be reminded of drinking something if they are very active or sweating a lot.  You may carry around a thermos or water bottles to solve dehydration.

4) Problems of heat

Children may like to have a great time running around during the summer when they are out from school. They are very much excited to play outside and so they may not think about overheat. Overheating can cause great health risk to kids. There are problems including heat exhaustion and even heat stroke. Kids should be watched carefully not to be affected by overheat.

5) Summer dangers for an emotional child

Summer makes your kid get excited with various activities. Though you have taken the appropriate precautions to ensure the physical health of your child, emotional conditions of your kid may cause him/her problems. It may make your kid depressed or over-excited.

6) Accidents and injuries are common in summer

Another dangerous health hazard during the summer is unexpected accidents in the swimming pool or on the road. Running on wet cement may cause accidents. Falling while playing or jumping may be a blow to the head, affecting the brain. Sometimes falling from a high can be very dangerous and fatal. You should have first aid materials to treat simple injuries and bruises.

7) Watch on the roads

Accidents may occur through cyclists, bikers and pedestrians, who are commonly found on the roads in summer months. There are many more outdoor dangers in summer while driving.

8) Summer safety of insects and animals

Summer is the time when you can expect movements of insects, snakes, raccoons and other creatures outside. Often these insects and animals will not bother you unless you startle them. They may be poisonous and you should be forewarned of these. Prevent their movement in your yard by taking preventive methods.

9) Manage insect bites with repellants

Repellants to treat insect stings or bites should be always available to you in summer. Be sure to keep an insect repellent in your kid’s back pack while he/ she goes out for a summer camp. Your kid should know how to use it. Being bitten or stung will definitely make your summer enjoyment a misery.

10) Also be careful about the poisonous plants

When you go out you should be aware of the poisonous plants which may harm you. You should have this in your mind if your child is attending a camp with an outdoor theme. There is likelihood that your kid may come across a poisonous plant. Give proper warnings about such things. Poison oak, poison ivy, poison hemlock, stinging nettles, cowage, and trumpet vine are some of the potentially dangerous plants that they may come across.  

Although there are dangers that come along with summer season, there can be no doubt that summer is the best time of enjoyment. Injuries can be avoided by taking safety precautions. Summer is to enjoy and not to injure.


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