Great Apps For Android Platform

PC World has come out with a new list of ‘must have’ games for the Android.  You’re likely to be immensely addicted to theses games that you will practically run out of batteries before you are done with them. Out of all the android devices tested, it’s easy to see why game developers prefer the Samsung Galaxy GTP1000 for gaming.

As part of the Essential Android Gamesrepertoire,Speed Forge 3D is first on the list. This is an app that sets racing in the future. Not just that, it is on a planet that is inhospitable. There are six tracks for you to choose from. In case you’re into racing in the present day and age, Raging Thunder might be a better option.

For $4 you can get the Toon Warz, enabling you to shoot in 3D. The controls on the screen can be difficult to use. But once you get the hang of it, it’s a nice experience. Robo Defense is another game released by top game developers. This is essentialy a tower defense app and it allows the user to upgrade or sell back to get new weapons.        ​

The great think about Android marketplace is that you can get most of the apps you need for free. This is especially fun for those who like puzzles games. There are 90 Zen maps in this game. A recent addition to Android games was Mystique Chapter 3 Obitus, a game that is filled with adventure; it has excellent graphics and sound that keeps you immersed with the game. Orba is another game that will keep you on the edge of your seat; your objectve in the game is to get Buka to ‘The Happy Place,’ which is its abode. 

​Android has lots of games for the child in all of us. Some of the popular ones are racing games. Additionally, there are also games like chess that lends itself to playing on a tablet. The convenience of the Samsung Galaxy Tab is that its monitor is 7”. This is a distinct advantage because you won’t run out of batteries if the device is properly charged and it has the convenience of holding with your hands. This makes it easier to play games on the tablet.

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