Pirates of The Caribbean "on Stranger Tides" Film Review

The fourth installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean series, “On Stranger Tides” 2011 is a goose chase to find the legendary fountain in which the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) is forced to join the search in ways he never dreamed. 

Initially, the film is rather exciting and leaves the viewer anticipating how Captain Jack Sparrow is going to remain neutral in the war between the British under the leadership of Hector Barbosa (Geoffrey Rush), the Spanish, and Captain Blackbeard (Ian McShane) over the rights to the fountain.  However, as the film progresses, it becomes plainly obvious that there are many points in which an ending would have suited just fine.  Due to an extremely predictable plot, the movie seems terribly long and drawn out. 

Despite its length and predictable plot, “On Stranger Tides” is adventurous and to say the least.  The crews must also hunt for mermaids and Juan Ponce De Leon’s chastles in order to access the fountains’ magical powers.  Needless to say, the voyage turns deadly for many of the crew members. 

Nonetheless, this doesn’t stop love, or the deception of love, to reignite between Captain Jack Sparrow and Angelica played by Penelope Cruz.  From her entrance in the movie, the two show the traditional love-hate relationship that they’ve seemed to foster throughout the series.  Their quarrels are both entertaining and are a stark contrast between the “love at first sight” relationship that develops between the Missionary (whom Angelica prays can reform her father, Blackbeard) and a unique mermaid.  The flirtatious displays between both couples are classic illustrations of romance in the midst of a dark and dangerous voyage. 

Overall, Pirates of the Caribbean “On Stranger Tides” is a little disappointing, very predictable, extremely long, yet has entertaining aspects once you get over the redundancy of the script.  Even Jack Sparrow’s character seems to have considerably less pizazz than in previous installments.  However, for the sake of classic adventure, the movie succeeds in portraying the historical search for treasure that motivated many European explorers to venture out of the confines of their countries.  “On Stranger Tides” receives a rating of 3 out of 5.      

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