Basic Windows System Maintenance Tips

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Cut out the misery in searching for the appropriate system tweaking software online, cause trust me, its not easy. One can say, that the basic windows maintenance tools are useless, and do not affect system performance. Well, as a matter of fact, they do MAKE a difference in the overall system performance, or else why would Microsoft create such basic tools? To prevent the hassle of searching and downloading tweaking softwares on the internet.

Below I have listed some basic tools, how you can access them and help improve your system performance and experience.

  1. Disk Cleanup: This tool is one of the simplest of tools provided by Microsoft when Windows is installed. It serves a simple purpose; of cleaning up unnecessary files present on your hard drive(s) such as temporary filesm downloaded program files, and it also compresses old files to save space.
  2. Disk Defragmenter:  Defragmentation is a process that rearranges and reassembles your files on your hard disk. The purpose of defragmentation is higher performance when accessing files. Due to the files’ continuous storage, the operating system can find and read each file fragment faster than before. So the regular usage of this defragmenter helps improve performance and efficiency on Windows.
  3. System Restore: This tool simply helps one in restoring the computer to a state in the past. This tool is usually used when some errors occur, or Windows behaves unusually, or something seems wrong. One can create Restore Points and at anytime can bring Windows back to the state it was in, on that particular date.

All the above tools can be accessed as follows: Start

Other basic tools, in general include “System Information”, for viewing general information about the computer and Windows, “Backup” for backing up or restoring files and settings. It also includes a Character Map, the Internet Explorer for browsing the Internet, and Scheduled Tasks for creating tasks, scheduling them, so that one doesnt forget his/her tasks scheduled for the future.

To conclude, the basic tools, provided by Microsoft in Windows, are good, efficient, and if used on a daily basis can really improve system performance and efficiency. Do not under-estimate the capability of these Basic Windows Tools 😉


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