Integrate Benefit Together With a Genuine Attraction to Your Residence With Character Oak

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To chose the correct grade of solid oak flooring is key. Prices can range from £20 M2-£75 M2 for solid oak flooring, we are not talking about character oak engineered flooring, we will cover this topic next week with our release ‘Character, Rustic, Distressed oak Engineered Flooring’.

The quality, price and grade varies because of the differences between oak grades in Europe and Asia. Imported solid oak from China is often cheap and a low quality because it is mass producing, has a higher moisture content, smaller wood lengths and widths, wider grain and is generally more unstable. European Oak is of a higher quality and if it is bought from the right supplier and has been milled correctly, they are a doodle to fit and will last a lifetime. You should consider the moisture content, T&G all four sides, Relief Grooves, Good long lengths. You should also inspect the flooring grade, rustic, character grade is by far the most popular choice in the UK.

Solid oak, character flooring is a simple natural product and this is how you want the wood to remain. If you chose carefully the correct floor color tone, then a solid oak wood floor has the potential to suit any interior environment. Using chemicals is considered a superior way to color oak floorboards because it adds depth and a layering effect of color tones, thus it looks completely natural unlike when using simple stains. You will have to find a specialist, bespoke flooring company to achieve such an effect as these processes are considered trade secrets. If you do find such a company and you are looking for an oak floor with depth, character and a nice rustic feel, then you should choose chemical processing.

If you are thinking about getting oak flooring for your kitchen or any other high traffic area, then it is advisable to use only solid oak wood or the engineered oak wood for the flooring. This is because they do not get spoiled easily by a water spill, unlike cheap thin laminates for example.

If you are looking for a truly aged oaks, you should consider salvaged, antique, reclaimed, used, old solid oak planks. You truly cannot beat a genuine old, reclaimed oak floor or reclaimed hardwood floors for that matter. It is not just the story the old oak timber flooring holds, it’s the knowledge that you own a piece of genuine history, a 100% Eco-friendly floor that you have saved from possible landfill. All character marks on these old oak floors are a blessing, such as nail holes, scrapes, dents, scratches, cracks, shakes, these are the details that bring out the beauty and patina of a genuine reclaimed oak floor.

If you require the same effect but for under floor heating, you will require engineered character oak floorboards, which have been chemically processed and aged by a skilled craftsmen. It is possible to recreate such a reclaimed effect but it is not east, it takes lots of time and skill from talented wood folk. The main trick is to create a surface that is not flat, as all genuine reclaimed oak floorboards have warped over the years, to have a totally flat face would be a false representation. You have to keep an eye out on these details of you are to create a genuine reclaimed look and an engineered board with true age and character.

If you achieve this look after purchasing the correct flooring for your home it will add to the value of your home. If you plan to sell the house, the potential buyers will easily be attracted by the warmth and flooring elegance it will add to your house.


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