Trends in Operating Systems

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MS-DOS was firstly released by Microsoft Incorporations. the user needs to run the system through the DOS Prompt . This was not user-friendly as the user needs to enter the command to make the particular action done.At those times the computer was very big issue of maintaining it. Hence this OS was not much popular. Later there was very drastic improvement in the computer field. At the  same time the operating systems were developed to meet the user requirements. And also to make the systems act user-friendly.

       The next OS which was released was done by Microsoft corporations. It was named as Windows-98. It is provided with Graphical User Interface popularly known as GUI. This interface made the drastic change in computers history. Another features involved with Windows-98 are that the games can be played with the greater visual effects as the operating system is provided with Graphical User Interface.

      Then next released Operating System is WINDOWS-2000. This was popularly known as Millenium operating system This operating system is capable of maintaining the servers  used at various companies.

      Next OS that was released was Windows XP Home edition. This was released particularly for personal computers where the users are allowed to preform numerous operations with much ease. Also microsoft provides Microsoft Essentials to protect  Systems of Personal computers from various viruses and malwares which may be  threat to systems. But the only requirement for this Essentials is to have internet connection to update. After some delay the XP proffessional was released. This was used by proffessional peoply at theis work-spaces.

     Next released operating systems are Windows Vista and windows 7.

   Even the mobile phones are provided with operating systems like Symbian, Android, Windows7. The latest of al these mobile OS are Symbian ANNA. Mobile provided with touch screens are given with Android and Windows OS. Before the arrival of these operating systems there was huge market for Iphone in the market as there was sound protection for mobiles from viruses and malwares. But the advancements in the other operating systems made the market for Iphone  little bit low. thats it for this article. will meet you with next article


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