Please Stop Using Readbud, It is a Total Scam! started in 2010 and promised to pay you a couple of cents for each article you read and rate.
With 30 or more articles to rate per day, you earned about $1 per day. The payout limit is set to $50, you only earn from referrals when they reach $50 – then you get $5.

So far, so good.

It was tempting for tens of thousands of people. I was one of them and I tried it. I must say that the whole concept sounded fishy from day 1, but like most others I wanted to test whether they actually pay or not.

The concept was really simple. You opened one article and had to rate it at the bottom. No timer, no one monitored how fast you were actually reading. So, most users just opened, rated, opened next, rated without reading.

2 or 3 months after the start, the first doubts appeared. The closer one gets to the $50, the less articles are available to rate and therefore, you earn less per day.

Two or three payment proofs appeared but not more. Basically, all others were copies of the original two or three.

Then, someone on MyLot (read HERE) showed us how Readbud actually steals articles from article directories and other sites, without asking the authors and worse: Without any compensation! That is a copyright infrigment!

Now, more and more users started to not use the site any more. But there were still people who ignored all this saying that they are close to $50 and want to see whether they get paid.

More and more people reached the payout limit and Readbud started to deny payments with ridiculous reasons. The “best” two reasons are:
– “You were reading and rating too fast!”
– “You were reading and rating too slow!”

Do you see how ridiculous and fishy this is? No matter how fast or slow you rad and rate, you will be denied payment!

At this point, most members left the site.

But there were still new users joining and asking the same questions over and over again on MyLot and other sources: “Is Readbud legit?”
And we all explained the facts to them and sadly, many were fools and AGAIN many were saying “I will ry it, maybe I am the lucky one and will be paid!”

They are fools to be pittied as no one will be paid.

Think of it: Why should anyone pay you up to 20 cents just for reading and rating an article? Neither Readbud nor the author of the article do get an advantage that justifies such high rates! Would you pay someone several cents to just READ and article?

But on the side, there is the webmaster of Readbud who is earning like hell because of those fools. He is generating traffic and advertising exposure like crazy and each and every user who visits the site or who is clicking is earning cash for the webmaster!

The only way to finally get rid of Readbud is to spread the word NOT to use Readbud anymore. Do not use it, simple as that. Do not even “try” it out. Do NOT visit it to rate articles, no! Please do not blow money into this guy’s behind!

Please also check a comprehensive test and review written by the trusted HERE.

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