Contact Lenses – The Future of Vision Correction

Today, many people worldwide use contact lenses. The lenses are convenient means for vision correction, allowing you not only to see well, but tolook greatandexercisewithout taking them off and theydo not restrict peripheral vision like with glasses,which isvery important when driving for example. The growing popularity of contact lenses is due to the fact that over the past year there have been new models that offer more comfort and safety than the lenses, datingonly 5 years ago. Depending on the purpose and the material of contact lenses, there are different types:

  • Soft – used to treat dryness of the cornea or ulcers and burns in the area. They are often recommended after surgery of the eye. People quickly get used to thembecause theyare more flexible due tothe high water content. A disadvantage of soft contact lenses is the need oftheir frequent replacement and the risk of blurring the image. There are three subspecies – daily (take off afterup to 14 to 16 hours), three days (can be usedfrom 3 to 7 days) and weekly / monthly (may not be removed). The materialof soft contact lenses is silicone hydrogel, which is emerging as the best choice because itallowsthe entry of more oxygen to the cornea.

  • Solid – they have a longer life, give a clear image, but their weaknesses are not few. Hard contact lenses irritate eyes,fall more easily and get lost and have limited duration towear (no more than 14 hours). There are some types that can also allow air to enter the eye(maximum length of wearing, recommended for astigmatism) andthere aretypes made of plastic (made from special plastic, so they are thicker and do not let enough oxygen to the cornea).

  • Cosmetic–they areused with aesthetic purpose. They can changethe color of the iris if you want to replace it with another to be found more attractive, or to impress others. There are also light filtering lenses, which are used by athletes. This kind of lenses are used for artificially increasing the level of perception of certain color so objects in that color canbe seen more easily (i.e.a tennis ball or golfball).

Whatever the reasonthat made you face thecomplex dilemma of glasses or contact lensesis, first make sure to see a specialist and ask for their opinion. Eyes are a very gentle organ and they should be taken care of properly. Many people are scared of putting on and taking off the contact lenses and there is a good reason for that. You should be careful not to damage your vision, because this is possible if you don’t handle your contact lenses properly. Otherwise, if you follow all the rules, contact lenses can be the best way to correct your vision without experiencing all the discomforts of wearing glasses.

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