Barnes & Noble Dillane Plaid Nook Cover Case in Leather

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If you really want to see a Nook cover or case that stands head and shoulders above the rest, then there is really only one that you should check out. The Barnes & Noble Dillane Nook cover is just such a cover. When I first read the name of this cover, I noticed that it said “plaid” but I didn’t see a picture. What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear plaid? Most likely it is the kilts worn by Scotsmen. Let me be the first to say that this cover definitely redefines the term!

This is not the plaid of your grandfathers. The designers of the Dillane Nook cover took the basic plaid design and recreated it in leather! The stitching and all looks absolutely amazing, and the leather gives it an awesome feel akin to that of a classically bound book. It is hard to argue against the decidedly elegant look that leather has to offer. Another great aspect to the leather exterior of this Nook cover is that it will hold up to daily use much better than most other materials. As leather wears over time it takes on a whole new look that is as individual as a fingerprint.

Both front and back covers have been made to the same exacting standards. There are many cheaper cases out there that just cannot take getting banged around. Whether you bump the case on the front or back, it will keep your Nook well protected from damage. Now take a look inside; my first peek sort of felt like when you take a look under the hood of that super nice car you have been checking out. You don’t know what to expect, but it better be good.

Safe to say, you won’t be disappointed. The inside of the cover is as extremely beautiful as the outside. The material that has been used to line the inside is very soft to the touch. Needless to say, it will keep your Nook screen free of smudges and dust! It’s a synthetic material that has been selected especially for its ability to hold up against rubbing thin against the restraint system.

Speaking of restraints, this Barnes & Noble Nook cover actually features a dual restraint system consisting of two elastic restraints and a molded channel. These all work together to keep your Nook secure so you won’t have to worry with it simply falling out. You can simply pop the restraints from the corners and slide your eReader in and out as you desire.

No corners have been cut on this particular case. You will find the interior pockets perfect for keeping up with business cards, IDs, and even small papers for making notes when you are reading. The Dillane plaid Nook cover also offers full access to each of the eReader’s various ports, controls and more.

I found the Dillane plaid Nook cover from Barnes & Noble to actually be quite elegant and useful. I am sure that there are those who don’t care for the look or feel of leather, but those that do will absolutely love this particular model.


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