Jersey: Dairy Cattle From British Island

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Jersey cattle is mid weight cattle the cow is only 340 kg, while the male can reach 520 kg in weight. This cattle is a half weight of famous dairy cattle Frisian Holland or FH. Jersey appears in miniature size that you can care at small space.  Jersey is domesticated at Jersey Island, British Channel at England.  Some scientist hypnotize that Viking bring this cattle to Jersey Island. It may the Guernsey descendant which has similar brown color.  This cattle is very tame and easygoing character. However, this cattle is easy to nervous. Jersey is a dairy cattle that produce much milk too. A Jersey cow can produce 500 liters milk in a year. It is not much for dairy cattle, however, the Jersey has high milk production to weight ratio. The Jersey can produce milk that is 13 times of its weight each lactation or when it nurses the calf. Therefore, the farmer can thrift some cost for raise the cow.  The Jersey cow is very fertile. The Calving of Jersey is very easy. Rarely the cow bear dystocia baby.  The cattle is also good foragers and well in intensive grazers.  Jersey appears in yellow to dark brown color. The cattle have darker color at the hips, the heads and shoulder. They have black hooves and noose.  The cattle have short horn that shape is similar to Frisian Holland. Today, most Jersey has no horn. The face of the cattle is dished like Iberian or North Africa cattle. Some scientist argues that Jersey is the descendant of North Africa cattle.  This cattle is tolerant with bad weather. They can live at cold weather such as Norway, New Zealand and they can live at heat weather such as, South Africa, India, and Australia. British Empire exports the Jersey to those country. The Jersey become semi wild in North India and its strongly resemble with its ancestor in Jersey. India people also cross Jersey with domestic Indian Zebu. The milk from Jersey cow has contain important nutritious. The fat is 6% while the protein content is 4%. The Jersey’s milk is good for cheese, butter and other milk product.


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