San Manuel Indian Bingo & Casino Review

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San Manuel Indian Bingo & Casino located in Highland, CA (San Bernardino County) is your typical Vegas style Indian casino.

The casino building is relatively new. They used to be small but they have expanded to a 2 story building. The first floor is where the card table games and slot machines are and the second floor are more slot machines and bingo hall.

They have hundreds of slot machines; from penny machines to dollar machines. Every slot machine you can find in Las Vegas casinos are in San Manuel. Some of the regular slot machine players I talked to say the slot machines in this casino always never gives out money. Every now and then somebody wins big but not many.

For the card games there’s black jack, pai-gow (Chinese poker), mini baccarat, three and four card poker. Their black jack tables have 6-deck shoe and 6-deck continues shuffling machine. Like other card games in other casinos, it is hard to win. I heard card games are designed for players to loss.

There’s one crap table and uses cards instead of dice.

There are several options for dining. The food in their fast food restaurant (called Tuto’s) doesn’t look appetizing. The Asian food looks greasy, the Italian doesn’t look very appetizing either. I tried their buffet restaurant instead. There are several food choices from salads, Chinese/Asian, Mexican, Italian and carving station. The food is okay but not great. Overall, dining at San Manuel needs to improve.

The thing that I hated most is the smoke. Smoking is allowed in this casino. Although there are non-smoking tables for card games and a dedicated non-smoking section, the smell of cigarette smoke is overwhelming.  I stayed in the casino for almost 2 hours and by the time I went home I practically smelled like an ash tray.

One good thing with San Manuel is their staff. They have very nice and friendly staff. The card dealers are very friendly; they stay cool even when losing players get mad at them. Although it’s not the dealers fault that the players lose, they still remain cool and friendly. That is amazing. I guess you need to have thick skin in order to be a casino card dealer.

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