Men And Menopause

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Everybody thinks menopause affects middle aged women but the truth is everybody whether men or women at some time towards the later stages of their lives will experience some kind of weired changes in their characters.

1: Mood swings : Just like women, middle aged men have mood swings also. They can experience bad moods anytime of the day. It may be the wife’s birthday today but if he insists on being moody nobody can change that.

2: Hot tempered: Menopause men like to argue for the slightest disagreement and for no apparant reason. Sometimes you don’t even understand what they are arguing about afterall. I believe they argue for the sake of arguing and to boost their male ego. Maybe all they want is some attention!

3: Like doing things their way: No compromise whatsoever, things must be done “their way” at this moment of time. Tomorrow is another day and its no guarantee he will agree to this way again, better watch out! There is no fool proof way that you can understand what is it that he actually wants.

4; Eating habbits: When health should be his top priority at this stage of life, instead, he is behaving like a teenager when it comes to food. Fast food, fried food, beer and whatever he fancies is his way of life. Any talk about healthy grains and vegetables is a forbidden topic. The only time that he is sensible is when it is the day for his visit to the doctor for his routine check-up. When his health report is good you can expect him to be back to his old ways immediately as if nil of mouth the previous night is like a year to him. If his health report is not so good, he’ll be obedient to the doctor for maybe a week or so, after that its back to his fantasy world.

5: Very stingy :
When it comes to spending every cent counts., no more the usual spendthrift you know before you married him. If you pay everything for him, its fine but don’t expect him to part with his money to buy anything unless he is alone.

So ladies, whether he is your husband or boyfriend lets take a back seat and relax ourselves instead of trying tp pass this message to them that we are also going through Menopause!


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