Ban The Dog Crap

If it is such a good idea for your dog to go somewhere and take a crap;  if we are all supposed to be  so understanding when you mutt marks it’s territory , then let the dog mark your yard.  You go ahead and fulfill that promise of picking up the dog crap off your own yard because those of us who don’t have a dog don’t want to deal with it.

Why is it up to me all of a sudden to spend hundreds of dollars a year trying to find a potion or powder that the dogs will avoid.  I don’t like the smell of those dog repellent chemicals either.

If only one of those sonic or ultrasonic Rube Goldberg dog repellent devices worked.  But as far as I can see, none of them do.   In theory, since dogs can hear and smell things we cannot, the trick to keeping the neighbor’s dog from using my lawn as a toilet should be easy.  I am thinking that they must keep the good stuff, the heavy artillery,  under lock and key in the laboratories.  They can’t let out the real dog repellent because it might hurt real dogs or what is much, much worse, they might not be able to sell any more of the cheap, stinky chemical mess that doesn’t work well and is washed away in the first rain.

Does it ever seem to you that everyone and everything from government to wall street  to doctors and department stores is one long line of thieves, hanging you up side down and shaking you until the money falls out?   They rarely deliver anything except side effects, stench, complications, broken equipment, and lawyers for the money they steal from you.

I think I shall do some deeper research.  I shall look, on the sly, for plants that dogs don’t like.  Then I shall rip out all my grass and plant dog hater plants.  I am sure I shall not like the plants either but I have had quite enough of the neighbor smugly using my yard for his dog’s toilet while taking scrupulous  care that the dog never craps in his yard.

And oh by the way, there is a dog run, less than a  stone’s throw away, across the street…

Just saw some really stupid quote.  Something like : “The more I see of men, the more I like of dogs.”  Or something like that.  Tell me Einstein, when is the last time a man took a crap in your yard in broad daylight and in full public view?   What a moron.


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