Are All Philadelphia Notaries Created Equal?

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Notary Philadelphia

The job of a Philadelphia Notary is that of an impartial witness during document signings. They are officers of the state with the sole task of deterring fraud and positively identifying each of the signers. The notary must also make sure each signer enters into the agreement knowingly and willingly.

Once this is determined, the notary then affixes his or her signature and official seal on the document confirming that these conditions have been met. While this may sound pretty straight forward, in an age where identity theft is commonplace, the demand for a competent and qualified notary is needed now more than ever.

That being said, a notary becomes an identity specialist defending against fraud and identity crime. The seal of a notary is an emblem of authenticity and ensures that a document’s signer is who they say they are and that the signature is not a forgery.

Public trust is always the primary concern of a notary. It is a notary’s duty to serve and protect the public and maintains public confidence regarding sensitive agreements and contracts. This includes not only serving the public at large but government and businesses as well.

The following qualities are essential to the duties of a Philadelphia notary:

Integrity-A Notary must strive to keep the official seal from misuse. This includes keeping all acts confidential and not taking shortcuts when pressured by those seeking services. This also involves thorough identification checks of the document signers and the ability to decline from performing the service in the event their documents do meet the appropriate criteria.

Impartiality-This requires maintaining an unbiased attitude when it comes to performing services. A notary must also never personally benefit from the duties they perform. They must also carry out their duties with out any consideration for an individual’s race, religion, gender, nationality, sexual preference or political belief.

Trust-The seal of a notary is essentially a guarantee of the documents integrity in the eyes of the law. As such, a document with a notary’s seal carries greater weight in legal matters. When the notary seal is present, the document is considered legitimate.

A notary must ultimately be consistent, fair, honorable and devoted to duty in his or her practice in order to embody the qualities noted above. When searching for a notary, it is essential to find one that meets all of these qualifications.

For convenience, many notaries are willing to travel and offer mobile notary services. This involves coming to your home or business in order to perform notary acts saving you valuable time and possibly money. All notaries are not created equal. Take some time to find one that has an established track record of serving the community in an exemplary manner.


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