Positive Affirmations – Create an Abundant Life

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Discover the power of positive affirmation to improve your life. Positive affirmations can be used to manifest abundance and bring positive change. The basis of positive affirmations is that the mind is a very powerful tool, and that your experiences in life are the result of mental programming. Every thought or word spoken by you is an affirmation to yourself and to the world. In fact, all of our inner dialogue is a virtual stream of continual affirmations about our existence.

We repetitively make affirmations which in turn create our life experiences from moment to moment. Many basic beliefs about ourselves and the world, are merely ingrained thought patterns that were learned since our early developmental years. Some patterns work, but like for many of us, many do not, working against our continued happiness in the present moment. They prevent us from achieving or getting what we want out of life.

The subconscious mind draws upon learned behaviors and uses that information to respond automatically to situations and create scenarios we encounter in our daily lives. This can be useful, as learned responses enable a person to respond quickly and effortlessly as the situation warrants. Difficulties arise however, if those learned patterns of behavior or impressions about the world are not constructive or healthy.

It is important to keep in mind that many of the truths to which we cling may no longer be true, having outgrown their usefulness, or never were true. Such beliefs may no longer be appropriate for succeeding at work and in relationships as adults. After you have replaced your self-limiting thoughts and defeatism with positive thinking, you will begin manifesting new and wonderful things for yourself.

We can use the power of positive affirmations to target these ingrained, unhelpful beliefs that continually undermine our efforts and replace them with positive, life affirming and uplifting values. If we train ourselves to remember and carry out a regular routine of positive affirmations, it will keep our minds focused on what we truly want out of life and have it reflect our positive affirmations.

Positive affirmations will work to improve your life. In addition, the more motivated you are to make and institute positive affirmations, the more likely they will work for you. Continually repeating affirmations with determination will weaken subconscious resistance. There are a number of affirmations and techniques you can use to empower your affirmations and increase their effectiveness.

Examples of Affirmations

My body is healthy, vibrant and beautiful.

I have prosperity and abundance and wealth flows to me.

I deserve love and accept it in my life.

Life is good and I allow wonderful things to flow into my life.

As you begin to have less unconscious resistance, you will be better able to reassess your beliefs and habitual patterns. The results can be astounding as elements in your life start changing and as your dysfunctional beliefs disappear and are replaced by the light of new inner truths. Positive affirmations can actually reprogram subconscious patterns, and change the way you think and feel about yourself and the world.

Positive affirmations are valuable tools designed to eradicate those negative beliefs and quiet the seemingly unending stream of negativity that flows from the mind, attempting to derail you. Affirmations are much more than just robotically repeating words or phrases. It is a whole process of lifelong discovery, as you become aware of your negative thoughts how it affects every aspect of your life. Through choosing to instead make positive affirmations, you will manifest the life you always wanted.


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