A Tribute to Law Enforcement

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To the Men and Woman of all Law Enforcement Agencies Everywhere throughout the World who Work Tirelessly to Protect and Serve, who put their lives on the line every day and Sacrifice…We Salute you…Stand in awe and Say with Gratitude…Thank You.

The world is certainly a better safer place because of the Men and Woman of Law Enforcement who, goes to work day in and day out to serve and protect all of us.  They kiss their families good-bye and without thought of their own safety, well being or gain…give their lives if necessary…so that we might live free and safe on our own land from those who prey upon us.

Brothers and Sisters

They all stand together…bonded by a force that cannot be understood by the average person, nor broken, or compromised.  They stand side by side each other in battle willing to give their lives for each other… even if they do not personally know one another…because of pride, loyalty and most of all…honor.

There is Evil amongst all of us that preys upon the weak, who wants to take advantage, steal and wreak havoc.  Who can we call upon to fight for us?  The Police Officer, that’s who…period.


Being held to a higher standard, Police Officers are supposed to be spot free in their personal lives, inhuman and invincible…bullet proof and know-it-alls never making a mistake.  To the Cop on the beat…we the people stand is silence, heads bowed in humility and say to all of you…thank you for what you do every day.

Evil beware

A warning to all those who believe that stealing, robbing and taking advantage of good people who are innocent, trusting and good for your own personal gain…you will pay for your deeds and you will suffer pain beyond comprehension.  Nothing in this world is for free and you will dearly pay for your evil acts. 


This article could be millions of pages long, full of endless and countless stories of Police Officers, our heroes, ordinary men and woman in Law enforcement who, on a daily basis, do thankless tasks and service for all of us.  There must be a very special place in Heaven for all of them…  

Thank you.


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