Treating Fevers With Yarrow

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Fevers are no fun. They give you the chills and make you feel achy all over. Other times they make you sweat endlessly. However, there is away to bring down a fever naturally using yarrow. Yarrow has been used for years to help bring down high fevers and cool down the body naturally.

Yarrow is an herb related to the chamomile family. It contains salicylic acid in is which is similar to aspirin and helps thin the blood and cool the body down naturally while relieving inflammation. Yarrow also helps make the body sweat the fever right out by opening up the body’s pores and making them much larger than they naturally are. It is also used to help relieve body aches and pains associated with a high fever. I personally have used it to relieve painful headaches and symptoms related to a viral infection I had and I must say yarrow worked like a charm since I didn’t want over the counter medication to reduce my headache since they usually make me sick.

The best way to take yarrow to help bring down a fever is by chewing on raw yarrow leaves. I personally like to take the dried yarrow leaves and flowers and make a tea to sip on when I am sick and need to bring down a fever or relieve a headache. The way I make the herbal yarrow tea is by taking a piece of cheese cloth and placing 3 tablespoons of chamomile leaves and 3 tablespoons of yarrow leaves into the center of it. After I fold the cheese cloth up nice and tight and tie a thin piece of string around it to help keep the herbs nicely wrapped inside. Then I boil a pot of water and remove it from the stove once the water is boiled. After I place the cheese cloth with the herbs in it directly into the boiling water and allow them to steep and form a golden yellow sweet calming relaxing tea to sip on. Once the tea has steeped for 10 minutes I pour some of the tea into a tea cup and drink up as much as I can until my fever or headache begins to go away. This is also a good way to hydrate and flush your system when it needs help healing and staying hydrated.

Some precautions you might want to take before trying yarrow to bring down a fever is to make sure you are not allergic to it. Most people who are allergic to chamomile flowers or flowers in the family are allergic to yarrow. I would also make sure yarrow is safe for you to take by talking to your doctor first. Sometimes yarrow can interact with certain medications you might be own. Other than those concerns yarrow is fairly safe to take and does a wonderful job with bringing down a fever naturally without side effects.

So, next time you are suffering from a nasty high fever go get some yarrow and chew on the leaves of make a yummy healing herbal tea instead of taking over the counter fever relievers. I wish you all the best with relieving your high fever naturally and hope you feel much better soon.


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