Preventing Colon Cancer With Herbs

One of the best ways to prevent and treat colon cancer naturally is by consuming herbs. Many herbs contain healing antioxidants, compounds, vitamins, and minerals that help prevent and treat colon cancer. All you need to do is add fresh herbs to food or teas and eat them right up.

Some of the best herbs to prevent and treat colon cancer are chickweed, garlic, onions, red clover, nettle, rosemary, ginger, parsley, oregano, turmeric, and basil. All of these herbs naturally help detoxify, cleanse, relieve inflammation, shrink polyps and hemorrhoids, heal anal fissures and fistulas, block cancer cells, and clear mucus from the colon, rectum, and anus making the digestive tract healthier and stronger.

Chickweed is an awesome herb for treating and preventing colon cancer because it relieves inflammation in the colon and rids the body of fats that cause colon cancer. Chickweed may also help prevent and slow down the growth of colon polyps and help shrink hemorrhoid growth as well. It is also used to help give the immune system a natural boost so it can heal its fast and effectively in a natural way.

Garlic and onions are amazing herbs to use for treating colon cancer because they both contains allicin and other phytochemicals that help reduce inflammation, detox the colon, rid the colon from harmful chemicals, bacteria, and parasites, shrinks tumors and polyps, inhibit cancer cells, and remove unwanted waste build up. Garlic and onions also contain high amounts of fiber which is always needed to help keep the colon healthy and strong.

Red clover is used to treat colon cancer because it contains genistein which is a substance that helps cleanse the blood and removes harmful cancer causing substances from the body. It also helps the body because it contains natural antibiotics in it that help fight of harmful bacteria that can weaken the immune system and colon.  Rosemary works the same way, but this herb contains carnasol which helps detox cancer substances from the body and blood stream.

Nettle is used to prevent colon cancer because it helps relieve stress from the body which helps keep our immune systems strong. We all know that a stressed out body has a high chance of developing colon cancer or any type of cancer for that matter. Nettle also contains high amounts of vitamins and minerals that help nourish our bodies and keep them healthy and strong which also helps prevent colon cancer.

Ginger and turmeric are awesome herbs to use for treating colon cancer because they contains compound that inhibit cancer cells, detoxify the body, and reduce inflammation and pain the body. They also help shrink colon polyps and hemorrhoids. Plus both herbs have the ability to help fight off cancer cells and prevent tumors and polyps from even growing in the colon.

Now parsley, oregano, and basil are herbs that all contain phytochemicals in them such as quercitin which helps prevent the growth of cancer cells. They even seem to prevent and slow down tumor and polyp growths which is a plus when you are trying to prevent and slow down colon cancer. These herbs also cleanse and purify the body and strengthen the immune system.

All the herbs I have just told you a little bit about can be added to any meal or herbal tea to help get the colon cancer preventing and fighting health benefits from them. The best way to get the most health benefits from them is by eating them fresh and uncooked and sprinkled over dishes and in herbal teas. When you cook these herbs they tend to lose their potency leaving them less beneficial for our bodies. I hope this bit of information helps all of you out there with treating and preventing colon cancer. 

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