The Beaver Movie Review

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The Beaver is a comedy drama starring Jodie Foster and Mel Gibson. Jodi Foster also directed the movie, it is her first directorial job in more than 15 years. It is about a depressed, eccentric man who finds hope in a beaver puppet that he wears on his left hand.

Mel Gibson plays Walter Black and Jodie Foster as his wife Meredith. Walter Black is an executive of a toy company he inherited that is in the brink of failing. He is a hopelessly depressed individual with his personal and career life in shambles. Walter decided to end it all but things begun to change when he came accross an old beaver puppet in his trunk. He pops the puppet in his left hand and communicates solely through the beaver like a ventriloquist with a British accent and turning it into his own branbd of therapy. Meredith went along when she saw that their youngest boy Henry is bonding with Walter. The other son, Porter, is not as accepting as the mother and younger brother.

There is also a subplot in the movie with the son Porter getting involved with a classmate. The classmate is the class valedictorian but she is not capable of writing her own valedictory speech for the graduation ceremony. She hires Porter to write her valedictory speech. Porter earns money on the side writing papers for his classmates. Porter and the girl got involved and went to dates.

The movie is not dark or funny enough to be interesting. It is a tidy movie, a bland drama and comedy and slightly provocative. It is not entertaining at all. A movie about a depressed and suicidal family man turning his life into a ventriloquist with a beaver puppet in his hand to solve his demons sounds ridiculous. Mel Gibson is one of the most controversial actors in Hollywood and has been in trouble lately. He made this movie with a lot of baggage and I don’t think The Beaver redeemed his reputation as a major actor in Hollywood.

The Beaver is supposed to be dark and funny but you will be disappointed if you are seeking a dark comedy. It looks like an indie movie or a movie made for television or an extended pilot for a quirky drama/comedy for cable TV.


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