99 Ranch Market Review

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99 Ranch Market is a chain of supermarkets catering to the Asian community. Their stores are located mostly in California where there are huge Asian communities. In the Southland (short for Southern California), their stores are located in areas where there are huge Asian community like Arcadia, Artesia, Monterey Park, Rowland Heights, San Gabriel, San Diego, Irvine and Rancho Cucamonga.

Most of it’s customer base are ethnic Chinese Americans but other Asians as well. This includes Filipinos, Thais, Indonesians, Malaysian, Japanese, Vietnamese, Cambodians, Laos, and Indians. They sell a lot of goods targeting these ethnic groups. Goods are imported from different Asian contries but are also made locally.

99 Ranch Market stores are similar in layout to mainstream supermarkets with less cluttered and wide aisles. For this review, I visited their store in Rancho Cucamonga. The store is very well lighted and clean. The letter grade from the State of California is “A”. The store looks like a typical supermarket with same offerrings although they are targeted for the different Asian ethnic groups. They have produce, deli, bakery, kitchen gadgets, frozen and fresh meat. The bakery and deli sections are typical Chinese foods. You feel like you are in a store in Hong Kong or any other Chinese city. I tried their steamed buns and one dimsum item. They tasted like the real thing. The staff at the deli counter said they do all the cooking in-house. Their tapioca drink I had tasted very good too.

Like members only supermarkets, 99 Ranch Market also have sampling tables. While at the store, I tried the fried tofu (not my thing though, you need to have the acquired taste).

Although you can buy oriental items in regular supermarkets in the Southland, the offerings at 99 Ranch Market are are more varied, substantial and cheaper I think. Their fish and seafood section are much cheaper than regular supermarkets. Although the fish section has a bit of smell.

99 Ranch Market is okey if you are into Oriental items. If you are into Asian cooking, this is the store for you. There are no organic items though which is alright, I can always go to Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods (aka whole paycheck).

For this outing I bought a package of fresh pork longaniza (a Filipino home-made pork sausage). I will have to see if taste like the real thing.


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