Avg Anti-Virus Free Edition 2011

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AVG has done alot to improve over the years. It made an initial impact with its FREE antivirus software available online.

Now AVG has come out with many new security softwares, most of which are paid and only available for 30-day trials online. But what you’re reading about today, is the only completely FREE security software AVG provides to internet users. This year, AVG claims that the 2011 version is faster, more effective and has a shorter installation process.

The Installation process is shorter, something AVG has focussed on this year. Though the cut in time is not alot as seen in the paid version softwares from AVG. The average time AVG takes to download and install is approximately 6 minutes, though the download speed depends just on the download speed. AVG has also cut down the number of install screens users see, from 13 in the previous version to 5 in the 2011 version.

The Interface has not been given much focus this year, though there have been a few minor changes which will help users in usability. The top and left navigation sections have been redecorated with light text on a dark background. The safety status icon at the top of the interface has been made simple and is larger now. What is new is the one-click Fix button for automatically repairing security breaches which appears at the top along with the old red X when your system safety has been compromised. It disappears when your system is safe and healthy. Overall the interface hasnt change much, though it has made usability easier.

This year AVG has introduced “smart scanning” into this free version, which makes use of AVG’s behavioral detection network to scan known safe files once, and only scan them again if any chances are made to the file. The AVG Link Scanner can now scan links visible on Facebook and MySpace. AVG has also opened a new website,called Threat Labs. The site has been designed for users to evaluate LinkScanner’s ratings.

AVG claims that the scans are THREE TIMES faster than last year’s version, though the software has a negative impact on the system bootup process, slowing it down significantly.It’s harder to judge the true capability of AVG Anti-Virus Free 2011 because independent tests are only available for the previous years’ editions.

Overall, the free version may lack a few features, but if compared to the paid versions, for a free version like this, its a software worth downloading. New users should definitely try AVG Free Anti-Virus 2011, if they are looking for an effective solution with outstanding features.


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