Reason Why Monkey is Not Right For Pets

Bubble, a Michael Jackson chimp, has ever gone mad to Jacko. It injured Jacko. The chimp grow up and its need the pair.

Some people raise animal because it is funny. Some people raise the monkey for acrobat. The monkey can jump and climb fast.

In my opinion, monkey or ape is not suitable for pet. This animal is wild animal that can live with people. There are some reason that supports this animal is not pet:

1. Apes comes from jungle

Apes love to live at their environment and gain with its friend. They like jumping from a tree to others tree. They can take rest at big branch of the tree. Raising the monkey in your house make them suffer. They do not like live at the small hutch so they can jump.

Even you give a golden hutch for them, it prefers live at jungle where they can live with the family and neighbor.

2. Monkey and Apes has sharp canine

Monkey has sharp canine that can wound human. The nail is also sharp and it can hurt you. Some of monkey use canine to break the meat. A chimp can eat the small monkey. I am afraid chimp will eat human.

3. Monkey spread the diseases

Monkey could infect some diseases to human. The most dangerous disease is rabies that can kill human. The crazy monkey may infect the human with his bite. 

4. The monkey is stinky

This animal is very stinky, moreover the feces. You will be sick with this animal.

5. The monkey could rape human

The naughty monkey can rape woman. In my country, a police shot the pig tailed monkey after raping a woman. Some monkey has desire to woman.

6. Monkey almost similar to human

Carles Darwin said that Monkey is the brother of human. I do not like if someone say that monkey is the brother of human. However, monkey is similar with human they have two feet and two hands.

Those reasons argue that we are better not to raise monkey as pets. You can find other animal as pets like cat, bird, chicken, and others. Those animals may not hurt you.

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