How to Effectively Manage Stress in The Workplace

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A repercussion to stress, that may affect promotions – pay raises – and job security in the workplace, is low productivity and poor performance. These stress related negatives only serve to compound the problem. Here are some practical steps you can take to help tame the stress monster in your workplace.

Identify the source of the stress you are experiencing in your workplace. You do this by identifying whether the stress you feel is inwardly induced or outwardly induced. Make both mental and literal notes of your stressful moments and detail what you believe is the causal agent of your stress. Ignoring the stress problem is only going to prolong your discomfort and likely make it more intolerable.

Address the inward induced stress. Inward induced stress can stem from having a negative attitude about life in general to something more serious like a chemical imbalance.  Inward induced stress is something a person may choose to tackle on his or her own with satisfactory results, or choose to seek resolution through the assistance and guidance of one or more professionals; such as a physician, therapist or life coach.

Resolve the outward induce stress. Outward induced stress sometimes results from, for example, of an overbearing boss or hard to get-a-long coworkers, etc. The outward induced stress is where you can simply get thick skinned and put up with it or you can take action to bring about the change necessary to make the workplace less stressful.  If you are being overly sensitive you may want to let your boss or co-workers know what you are most easily offended or incensed by. Many times those you work will are more than willing to compromise and accommodate you. Or, you may need to sit down with your boss or coworkers to work out a solution or it may need something more emphatic such as filing a complaint or grievance with an appropriate agency or agencies. You may also have the option of utilizing a mediator either supplied by your or your employer.  If available, the Human Resources  department may be helpful as well.

TIP – Do you love what you’re doing? Is the work you’re doing a passion and something you’ve always dreamed of doing? If not, perhaps this is the cause of much of your stress. Though it can be difficult, you may want to consider changing your vocation to something that you love and enjoy.


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