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Erotica is also recognized as art, only its genre is different. Many books with erotica as the theme have been part of the literary world for many decades, even centuries. The list is varied and includes names like Fanny Hill, Kamasutra, and Night in a Moorish Harem, Madam Bovary and the books by Henry Miller and DH Lawrence.

However my three most erotic books are The Lustful Turk (anonymous), Night in a Moorish harem and Sheikh Nefzawi thePerfumed Garden. It is a matter of chance that all the 3 books have a setting with a Moslem background.Perhaps the puritan approach of the Islamic religion may have something to do with this selection.

The lustful Turk is a wonderful book and once the reader starts reading it, perhaps it will be difficult for him to put it down. The book is from the pre-victorian era and was first published by John Benjamin Brookes in 1828, but in 1857 the book was reprinted by William Dugdal and he ended up being prosecuted by Lord Chief Justice Campbell for obscenity. 

The story concerns the life in the Harem of the Bey a ruler in North Africa. The book is in the form of letters from one of the women in the Harem to her friend. The book is interpolated with some sub plots and stories but all are firmly integrated with the theme of the Bey and his exploits in his harem. The Ruler, who is a Moslem, is an insatiable lover who treats the art of love and sex as a religion. The book makes excellent reading and I will rate it as one of the best books with the theme of erotica

The next book in my list is Night in a Moorish harem. The story by George Herbert is a simple tale of sex and adventure. It is the tale of an English sailor who by a quirk of fate lands in Moorish harem, when his ship runs aground nearby. There he spends an entire night in rare transports of love and sex. The ladies of the harem are greatly gratified by the prowess of the sailor who satisfies most of the sex starved ladies in the harem. The prose of the book is a bit archaic, still makes pleasant reading. The book is availabe on the net and anyone can download and read it.

My last choice is not a work of fiction but a sex manual again from the Moslem world. The book written by Sheikh Nefzawi on the orders of the ruler of a Moslem state is however interspersed with a set of delightful tales of extreme erotic content. The stories in the Perfumed Garden are the piece de resistance of the book and one can even read them directly with out reference to the other parts of the book. The book is in Arabic but was translated by Sir Richard Burton and first published in 1886.

Any man can have his own choice of erotic books, but the above 3 are certainly a class apart and sure to titillate any reader. More important they have stood the test of time and can be classified as literature in the real sense. These books are definitely not pornography, which again is a different genre all together.

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