Common Herbal Home Remedies

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In an effort to save some cash, most families are now trying herbal home remedies whenever a family member has a mild fever or a slight cold, instead of going to the doctor right away.  It is such a relief to find a cure for common illnesses right in your own kitchen – it does not only give you the comfort that it is within your reach, but that it is also within your budget.

Without your knowledge, your kitchen may be brimming with healthy stuff, particularly anti-oxidants found in most fruits and vegetables, that can increase the body’s immunity against certain diseases.  Cooking spices, such as onions, garlic and pepper seeds are just some of the anti-oxidants that you would often find in any kitchen.  These can all be chopped up and boiled together.  The resulting mix is a healthy concoction that can strengthen your body and even help in the detoxing process, where toxins from the body are eliminated.

For upset stomachs, drinking herbal tea, specially chamomile tea can provide relief. It has anti-inflammatory agents in it that can also relieve menstrual cramps,  headaches, toothache, and rheumatic pains. Some mothers give a small amount of it to their colicky babies.

Try Ginseng For Almost Anything

One of the most commonly used herbal home remedy is ginseng. Traditional Chinese Medicine has always lauded the benefits of using ginseng in relieving stress, increasing energy and vitality, enhancing physical performance and elevating the body’s natural resistance against chronic diseases.

Ginseng is readily available in most Asian specialty stores, and can be taken as tea, or in capsule form.  Recently, even North Americans and Europeans are discovering the benefits of ginseng in lowering high blood pressure, improving blood cholesterol, and lowering blood sugar. It can also be used to treat the common cold, provide some relief from coughing, headaches and muscle pains.

Caution In Use

It is important, however, to note that some home remedies may work for others, and will not for some. Some of these home remedies maybe alternative health herbal preparations that our mothers and grandmothers have used before us, and have been quite effective during their time. It is however, smart, to consult your doctor, if symptoms persist after using home remedies, as a simple fever maybe a sign of a serious infection, that can only be determined by medical tests.


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