Common Dental Problems in Children


Good dental health is vital for a child’s overall well being.  Dental problems can disrupt the affected child’s day to day activities.  They can also affect the child’s physical appearance in the long run which may have a psychological impact on the child.

Common dental problems in children

Here are some of the common dental problems in children:

  • Broken teeth:  This is a common problem, especially among accident prone children.  It is better to consult a dentist to make sure that there are no infections.    

  • Thumb sucking:  It is believed that children who would not have received enough of mother’s milk develop this habit.  Also it is normal for a child to suck thumb or other objects up to 5 years of age.  But if it continues it may disrupt normal growth of permanent teeth, causing them to protrude.  This habit may also cause unclear speech.  Parents should take care not to scold the child to stop this habit.  Instead, they should repeatedly encourage the child to avoid this habit.

  • Tongue thrusting:  This habit may cause the front teeth to protrude.  It is a good idea to consult dentist or a speech pathologist if this habit persists.

  • Tooth decay:  This is a common problem among preschool children.  Tooth decay results due to destruction of tooth enamel by dental plaque.  Tooth decay causes holes in the teeth, which are also known as cavities.  Brushing the teeth twice every day and rinsing the mouth after eating anything prevents tooth decay.  If the child complains of uneasiness in the teeth while consuming ice cream you have to take it to a dentist for further examination.  

  • Premature tooth loss:  Early loss of a child’s milk (primary) tooth may occur due to accident or tooth decay.  It is better to consult a dentist as this may affect normal growth of surrounding teeth.  

  • Lip sucking:  This is again a common habit, which may affect normal growth of permanent teeth.  Children should be lovingly encouraged to overcome this habit.  

Clean teeth is one of the requisites to good health in children.  Parents should examine their child’s teeth on a regular basis.  This practice will help them to take appropriate action at the right time.  

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