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Relaxing ona beach and enjoying the sunbath, that‘ s the perfect and the most relaxing thing that you can imagine about a holiday. Galapagos Island  is a famous Galapagos Tourism spot containing the beauty of nature and an awesome wildlife and amazing sights, located near the center of  archipelago. It has been the center of human activities since the National Park Headquarters, the Darwin Research Station and Puerto Ayora, are all located on south side of the island. The main airport is located on Baltra. Santa Cruz Galapagos is the only island having a road that crosses its interior & providing tourists an opportunity to see the interior and higher elevations of a Galapagos island. Its awsome beauty really deserves to be tourist spot, its amazing and fearfree wildlife always fascinated the tourists.Directly adjacent the coast is the dominant vegetation in the Littoral Zone is the mangroves. It is  populated by plants that can survive in brackish or seawater.

The beauty of the Island is more adorable when it is viewed form Santa Cruz, it is the perfect medium to get on the Galapagos Island conveniently.  Galapagos is the perfect destination with large island comprises of of geology, wildlife and vegetation, all of the Galapagos wild life. Santa Cruz offers a day trips from Puer to Ayora with many interesting sites to visitors. The wild life century of Santa Cruz Galapagos is a must see thing. The biggest attraction of Galapagos is the Galapagos tortoises roaming freely. Almost every bird found in the archipelago has been seen within the life zones on Santa Cruz. Santa Cruz Galapagos is a nice place to see many of the animals & plants that make the Galapagos flora & fauna so unique and interesting to see.

If you go to the southwest of Puerto Ayora, you will reach the beautiful Turtle Bay full of gorgeous white sand beach & nice warm water bed to do some excellent swimming. From Turtle Bay you can go to the highlands of Santa Cruz Galapagos, and visit the fascinating lava tubes & underground tunnels formed from the solidification of lava, these tunnels are a must see. Here you can see a number of endemic birds, sharks and marine iguanas. Its a destinations where the Photographers can click great pictures, because of its fascinating views.

Its a Must go place, if you are still away form Galapagos Island, there is something that you are missing.There are many other place in Santa Cruz Galapagos to visit. One can take  a boat from Puerto Ayora to visit other places of island. You can visit Whale Bay and Conway Bay on the western coast of the island; and Black Turtle Cove on the northern coast, where one can spot lava herons, pelicans, sea turtles, sharks and Golden Mustard rays among the mangroves found here. Also make sure to visit Cerro Dragon, which is a small lagoon with many flamingoes resting here.

The most amazing thing here is the wild life here that is still fear free and blooming at its best in the nature’s lap. The sea views are amazing and they offer a pleasant view. The coastal region offers beautiful & spectacular scenery. On the north shore of the island, which is accessible only by sea, there is an extensive mangrove lagoon called Caleta Tortuga Negra. Here you will find the mangroves turtle enjoy swimming in the calm waters, peaking their heads above the surface while fish. They cover Eden Island and almost every beach on Santa Cruz Galapagos.

You can relax on the beaches enjoy the sunsets, and can have a look at the rising sun. Santa Cruz Galapagos is one of the four islands in the Galapagos whose speciality is to welcomes overnight visitors. It is the best island to arrange extra nights or to base a land based tour of the islands due to its central location in the archipelago. Galapagos Tourism offers you a memorable journey and a Luxurious journey.


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