How to Measure Your Pulse

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How to Check Your Pulse

Your pulse rate is a measurement of how many times per minute your heart beats.  This measurement can be used to get a basic overall view of your health. You often see medical personnel check someone’s pulse by placing their fingers on the persons wrist and watching a clock.

Why Knowing Your Pulse is Important

Knowing your pulse is not only important as an overall indicator of health, but if you exercise aerobically you generally have a target heart rate that you want to achieve for a set time period as part of your training regimine.  Knowing how to calculate your pulse rate is a useful tool for exercising.

In the event of medical or stressful situations, knowing your resting heart rate can also give you an indication of how exaggerated your current heart rate is.

Finding Your Pulse

The two most common places to locate your pulse are on the underside of your wrist on the same side as your thumb between the tendons and the bone and on your neck to either side of your adam’s apple.  You should use two or three fingers to detect your pulse.  Do not use your thumb, your thumb can have a small pulse of it’s own and make it more difficult to get an accurate count.

Calculating Your Pulse

To calculate your pulse, or beats per minute, simply count the number of times you feel your pulse in a 10 second time frame. Then multiply that value by six.  To get more accurate measures you can increase the length of time and multiply by the appropriate number to get the number of beats per minute.

Normal Pulse

Although pulse rates vary greatly depending on your build and overall health the average adult pulse is between 60 and 100 beats per minute, lower rates are common for active healty people.

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