Jousting in Second Life

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Second Life is a virtual online universe where members are called residents who are, in some ways, living a Second Life. There are so many things a resident can do inside this virtual world and one of those is Jousting.


A brief definition of jousting, according to Wikipedia is, ” A medieval European sport in which mounted knights charged at each other bearing lances.” The same exact sport is practiced by many Medieval sims or regions in Second Life. One of this sim or region is Medevil England (note: the name of the sim is spelled Medevil) and I was fortunate enough to witness one of its Jousting Tournaments.

As in the old times, participants in this virtual recreation of Jousting are mounted on their horses and are equipped with lances as well. The competition is done in a Jousting Arena and uses the same exact process in declaring a winner. Participants will charge and try to hit each other with their lances. The one who scores three points wins that match and advances in the next round. He will then wait for the outcome of the next matches to find out who his next opponent or opponents will be.

The mechanics are the same, the process is the same and the scoring is the same. The only difference I think is that you don’t actually get hurt Jousting in Second Life whereas in the old times a lost can sometimes mean death. Of course, for the brave knights of old, death is a more honorable faith than living without honor.

Anyway, I truly enjoyed the Jousting Tournament at Medevil England in Second Life and once I get enough Linden Dollars, the currency used in Second Life, I will definitely buy myself a horse and a lance to try it out myself.


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