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So what is a parent to do when they start to notice how stressed their teen is? Usually a parent will start to notice how on edge their teen is when they see how irritable they become with…well, everything. Plenty of parents select to dismiss it as normal growing pains & while this might be true, you must look for balance. If your infant is more often irritable than happy & fun loving, they are most likely experiencing stress & anxiety in their lives.

Stress definitely has an impact on our health, however for teenagers the more immediate signs of stress show up in their behaviors & actions. In order to cope plenty of babies turn to drugs, alcohol, promiscuous sexual behaviors, defiant actions toward parents, teachers, & other adults, & regrettably some have selected suicide.

The best thing a parent can do is to alleviate the stress by taking action to help their teen shift their point of view. Most babies suffer from stress because of a limited point of view. By focusing their thoughts in a more positive direction as soon as the on-set of stress rears its ugly head in your household, you help to take the intensity of life down several notches. Here are four simple, yet effective tips to reduce the stress your teen may be experiencing in his or her life.

one. Encourage them to get outside & play more often. With a lot going on in our ever increasingly busy lives time appears to be slipping right from our grips. Parents are finding it increasingly difficult to manage all that has to be done in their own lives & they are beginning to see the same trend with their teenagers. I do know plenty of teenagers that don’t even get out to enjoy nature because they have a lot on their to-do list. Make it all right for your teen to work less, taking the focus off of having to perform a lot in school & all over the place else. They are human-beings, not human-doings. Furthermore, be a model of this type of lifestyle yourself. When your babies see that you know the way to live a balanced life, making time to play in nature as important as your career, they will see that it is not only feasible, but it is a way more enjoyable way to live.

four. Teach your teen to trust the method of life. I am positive in case you look back at your life, you will find times in which you were afraid & uncertain. However, you will notice how everything appeared to work out in the finish & through those experiences, you learned plenty of valuable lessons about yourself that made you who you are today. Report to your teen that they cannot fail at life. Today’s teenagers are so worried about making the wrong choices & failing that they often refuse to take any action towards what they need in their lives. Report to them that when they follow their heart, the way will be put before them even in the event that they don’t have all the answers in this moment.

four. Avoid speaking about the negativity of news & world events. Yes they live in a time of change & lots of chaos appears to be happening in every area of the world. While all of this is happening, human beings are being forced to ponder the larger meaning of what life is about & the type of world they need to live in. The news never ever talks about the positive changes that are happening in our world. Report to your teen that with the darkness there has to come light. They are empathetic beings that pick up on the emotional energy of those around us. Fear is a very powerful & debilitating emotion. Teenagers look around at the world & see it as hopeless because that is what the major media is projecting. When world events come up at the dinner table, focus on the positive that is coming about with each situation. Every situation brings out the lovely in people in case you look to find it. Use sincere words such as appreciation, gratitude, compassion, assistance, contribution, & support to show them how people all over the world are reacting to these incidents in uplifting ways than using words that bring in the feelings of fear & hopelessness. This will help to shift their point of view of the world in which they live.

Teenagers need to do the right thing & are looking for guidance & reassurance that they are heading in the right direction. By having them shift their point of view, a whole new world opens up for them, allowing the stress to subside. Keep in mind to focus on having fun by going out to play, recognize the beauty & kindness of humanity by pointing out how they support another in the work of difficult times, & encourage them to trust life by taking action toward their dreams. These four simple changes in attitude will lighten up the intensity your teen feels about life in general. When your point of view changes, your life changes!


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