How to Build a Blog That People Will Want to Read

Do you run a personal blog?  Are you planning to make one?  The most important thing you should think about whenever you publish something is your audience.  When you write a blog, you do not write for yourself – if you wanted to do that, you had better stuck to writing journals and poetry – but for the people out there who would want to read it.

Aside from manually posting links to your blog in sites that matter in order to get more traffic, one thing I’ve learned in my time blogging so far is that one of the best ways to promote your content is to keep writing.  When you keep the articles coming, you won’t even have to go through promotional activities for audiences to read you.  As long as you provide interesting content and maintain the quality of the pieces you publish, there can hardly be any problem getting traffic.

So how do you build a blog that matters?

Write for as many audiences as possible.

For most people, interests are narrowed down to one or two.  For a blogger, this must not be the case. You must at least be partially interested in everything in order to reach as many audiences in as many fields as you can.  If you find that your interests are dancing and sports, don’t stick to writing on those topics exclusively.  You may explore travel, music, and photography as well.  Of course, if you must, you can incorporate your interests in these new ventures, for instance, you may write about the most popular sports in a certain country.  That way, you get to explore their culture, and at the same time, write on something of interest to you – sports. 

One of the good things about blogging is that you get a chance to learn about new things and share these new learnings with people all over the world.  So don’t stay in a box.  Learn as much as you can and write about it.

Choose a perspective.

To approach a topic head-on may be good, but it’s not the only way to address issues.  You have to learn to create a perspective for your blog, so that it becomes more interesting and personal.  This way, more people can relate to it and will want to read it.

For example, you plan to write a blog about the teenagers of today.  Instead of writing some kind of expository essay based on observations and interviews, you may want to try making it a piece recounting a certain teenager’s personal experience and struggle.  You might even want to write it in a first-person point of view in order to bring your readers closer to the events as they come along.

If it matters to you, it may matter to them.

One of the most common mistakes bloggers make even before writing a blog is belief in the assumption that “I’m the only one who cares about this.”  If it matters to you, it may be worth writing.  There’s always somebody else out there who finds that subject important. 

The opposite is also true.  There are times you might find a topic mundane or uninteresting when in fact, a lot of people don’t know about it.  It may just be common knowledge to you, but to others it’s not.  Try writing about it no matter how “common knowledge” you think it might be (and of course, if it really is common knowledge then write it from another angle or perspective as mentioned earlier to make it “uncommon”).  Who knows, that article you’ve been hesitating to write might just be the one to get the most hits.

Be an authority on the topic at hand.

Believability is something that attracts readers to your blog and one of the most important things that keep them coming back.  Be certain of what you write.  Write from experience, cite sources, insert quotes, give statistics, be concise and direct to the point.  Nobody wants to read a blog that only hints the things they should find out about the title, or a one that gives them only an introduction to something they were expecting to get valuable information about.

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