Writer's Block: Solutions That Work

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Almost every writer experiences an encounter with a dead end, where he cannot seem to go further beyond that blinking cursor or that mark on the paper.  It’s like a wall has been built that blocks creativity away and separates it from the rest of the human faculty, leaving potential works of art to rot away even before they are created.

How To Bust That Wall

Here are a few tips that are proven effective in overcoming writer’s block:

Listen to music.  Songs are a way for people to express their feelings and thoughts.  What makes music so different from other works of literature is that it touches you in a way that words alone cannot.  Even just listening to instrumental music can get your mind moving.  Try listening to a song or two, and really hear it.  Picture events in your life that relate to the lyrics.  A much better idea would be an instrumental:  Simply listen to the melody and think about what memories the notes remind you of.  What do the sad tones bring to mind? The happy ones?  What is the predominant thought that constantly digs its way out?  Write about it.

Watch a movie.  A film has a wide variety of perspectives to it.  The characters bring different feelings to the story, and certain events stimulate the mind to react.  So go and pick a film, something with a tone of seriousness or drama would be a good choice.  Think about how the characters feel and what things drive them to act the way they do.  Think about how you would act if you were in their shoes.  Were there events in your life when you felt the same way?  Are there social issues that take root from certain attitudes or mentalities shown in the film?  Write about them.

Go out and have fun.  The key to overcoming writer’s block is simply to loosen up.  Do not force your mind to write anything if it doesn’t feel like it.  Pushing yourself like this will only make that mental wall stronger and this can lead only to even more frustration.  Go out and have fun with friends and family.  Explore the environment.  Observe what other people do.  Get inspiration from nature or from interacting with others.  Go to a pet store.  Check out the latest gadgets.. or you can simply go out into the yard and take some time to pause.  That masterpiece will come to you in a matter of minutes.

Take a nap.  Sometimes the mind is just too worked up to keep working, what with all the thoughts you try to take in every single minute of every day.  It’s just like a computer that’s being geared up with new software – you need to restart in order to complete the update.  If your brain is all tied up in a knot, don’t make it worse by pushing yourself to the limit.  Go to sleep. Take a nap. Dream.

Read a little.  Read for leisure – this is very important.  Do not browse over magazines or compilations or almanacs to find something to write about.  Instead, read about something you’re interested in.  Read because it’s fun, and not because you need to write about something.  Usually the environment of words fills up your head when you are reading, and that feeling of wanting to keep that environment and make it one of your own just comes like magic.  And before you know it, you’ve already busted that wall.

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