How to Read The Most Basic Body Language: Female Courtship Signals

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The most commonly used medium for communication is language:  words, phrases, sentences – verbal communication.  But what about the gestures we use?  Don’t they count for something? 

A vast number of studies have established that people make use of hand and body gestures in order to reinforce what they are saying – for stress and emphasis on the idea they wish to get across.  However, this body language may also betray the speaker himself, for instance, when he attempts to bend the truth or to hide certain emotions he doesn’t want to be seen. 

As verbal communication varies from culture to culture, nonverbal cues may also vary.  It is important to take note, therefore, that certain gestures in one culture may mean nothing to another, and still may mean the opposite to yet another culture.

Here are a few basics to reading common courtship gestures employed by women:

The Head Toss

In this gesture, the head is flicked to toss the hair back behind the shoulders or away from the face.  Even women with short hair commonly use this.

Exposed Wrists
An interested woman often will gradually expose her wrists to the man she finds is a potential partner, particularly when they are in conversation.  The palms are also made visible to the man while she is speaking.

Open Legs

In this case, the aggressive woman opens her legs wider than they normally would have been if the mad had not entered the room or arrived on the scene.  In contrast, the sexually defensive female keeps her legs crossed at all times.

Rolling Hips

It is normal for most women to roll their hips a considerable amount when they walk. But in the presence of a potential partner, this rolling is further accentuated.

The Sideways Glance

With eyelids partially dropped, the woman holds a man’s gaze until he notices her, and then quickly looks away.  This gesture of peeping and being peeped at can light the fires of most men.

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