Do You Have What it Takes to be a Burn Nurse?

Intensive care nurses working in the hospital burn unit, and even in specialized units for the burn in the big cities. These nurses treated burns caused by fire, chemicals, or electricity. They come in all ages of patients. They need to be able to make an accurate assessment and the provision of care situation, patients may not be nice. This article will discuss several points of the nurses to provide care, and burns.

  • Wrap

If you’ve ever received serious burns, you will remember for your covered with wound dressings designed especially to provide protection against infection, and control the temperature and moisture loss. Work on removing the application of these bandages, body ache and misery. Burn nurses will do everything possible to anticipate the needs of the patient’s pain medication before dressing changes.

  • Clean-burning

Burn patients are often treated to accept the so-called debridement to remove this simply means death and damage to the skin, and wound healing. This process can be physically remove dead skin, and can be done in the surgery, and sometimes chemical to exfoliate dead skin, a layer of health. This treatment should be strong and encourage patients to nurses because it is a comfortable process.

  • Assessment of respiratory

One of the most serious damage occurs in the heat of combustion inhaled into the lungs and destruction of the mucous membrane of the slave. When this happens, patients can experience breathing problems that threaten life. Burn nurses must constantly assess the airway and the patient’s ability to move air. Even without inhalation burn, a process that, by staying alive for as an organization can cause breathing difficulties, burning burn patients.

  • Monitor the movement of fluids

Burn patients and IV catheter will have a place to convert the liquid outside of the patient, the patient can be monitored and measured. There may be fluid in the importance and the burning of a large area, and the body burn nurses must continue to recognize and alert and so on. And nurses will continue to monitor the blood evidence of electrolyte imbalance and infection.

  • Pain control

Burn patients experience more severe pain. The start of the pain and endings actual burning of the skin and nerves, but also brought great pains to nerve cell regeneration and recovery from nerve endings to become active. Pain control is very necessary to facilitate healing. Without a proper management of pain, patients may become very low, he / she will just give. Pain control without appropriate, patients are not willing to go through the arduous rehabilitation needs.

This requires a very special person to be a burn nurse. The nurse must not only deal with material losses, but also with the psychological trauma caused by burns. Burn nurses and the establishment of long-term cooperative relationship with the patience of patients and their families, nurses and patients because of the initial assessment and rehabilitation.

Burn nurses continue to learn and improve skills necessary for patient care. Wound Knowledge of anatomy and physiology of the skin is essential, Wound Care, must be understood healing and a nurse must be comfortable dealing with the emotional trauma to the patient suffers.

Burn care nurse is a special type of nurses, it is so much demand, they were working in the field of nursing is very specialized. They work long hours, very difficult to do the work, and salaries commensurate with experience and knowledge.

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