Friends Forever

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Friends having funFriends having fun

I am not an easy person to live with. I wear my heart on my sleeve, make mistakes, and sometimes trust the wrong people. I have gone through my life trying to learn from my mistakes, but still always see the best in people until I am proved otherwise.

I am impulsive, likely to do the wrong thing and regret it afterwards, then I beat myself up about it, and as you are the closest person to me, you get the aftermath. I worry about things I can’t control, and you are there to soothe me, and talk sense into me.

Sometimes I get tired and grizzly, and then snap at you for the least little thing, but you take it in your stride. If someone bad mouths me, you are loyal, you back me, even if later you tell me in private that you don’t agree with what I have said or done.

About You

You are honest, you stick up for what you believe in, and state your opinions, I admire your strength of character, and I respect you, even if we beg to differ. Sometimes I get depressed, you help me to push it aside, as we are both aware that whatever happens in life can’t be changed, we just have to get on with whatever is thrown at us.

We both agree that we only have one life, and we mustn’t waste it with regrets. Everything happens for a reason, even if we can’t see it at the time. We have to move on, and make the most of what we have, because when I am at a low point, and maybe feeling a bit sorry for myself, if I look around me, I can always find someone worse off than myself.

I know I can trust you, and you will never let me down, and you know you can trust me too. We have the same ideals and values. You always make time to listen when I need to talk, and I do the same for you. We have been through a lot together, and come safely out the other side. I could not imagine my life without you, you are truly my best friend.


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