Car Stereo Installation Guide

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If you are a beginner, it is preferable to a car stereo, if it’s just a simple system. If you want to leave the complicated stuff to the professionals, like installing delicate equipment like LCD panels, motorized parts etc. especially if it requires the creation of custom panels and others.

Head units are one of the easiest to do in a car stereo system. Fortunately, most units follow the standards of the same size (DIN). In many cars, when the cheap factory radio removal radio side in the hole. In many other cars, a team that is necessary if the factory hole is too big or too shallow. In some cases, the script has to cut. Each computer should store the material car stereo installation.

There are two types of mounting a car stereo installation. ISO Mount, where the radio can be screwed to existing factory radio, as in most Japanese cars. The assembly is when an aftermarket radio with a metal ring that is flexible on the hole in the factory radio or a kit of spare parts through the clouds is mounted, is. In many cars should line rings and seals to the hole to enlarge the radio. Once the ring are fitted, the radio is slipping and engages in the ownership.

In most cases, require special tools to remove the radio.

The speakers are very critical in a car stereo system. No matter how expensive the speaker, if it is not right, the sound is not up to par.

In a simple car stereo installation, you are probably with speakers that fit into a factory location. Make sure there are no gaps or holes. Sometimes building a wood or fiberglass baffle reduce holes and gives a better sound. But always be careful when using power tools around speakers.

Car Radio warranties usually do not cover holes in speakers.

The siting of the conventional speaker, has cut some metal. You can leave this task for professionals, are tools like plasma cutters and pneumatic drills required. But if you insist, a pair of metal scissors (cut left and right) will do.

A car stereo installation has to withstand the vibrations and other noise sources in their environment. Although it is impossible to eliminate completely, there are products that significantly reduce the noise and rattling, particularly in non-luxury cars. Coatings, paints and adhesives tapes and carpets, even the plates applied can make a world of difference.


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