Seven Qualities of an Influential Woman

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Women are the representatives of God on this earth. They give birth to humanity and shape its destiny. But unfortunately they have been neglected and are treated as objects of burden. In some places, they are not wanted to be born due to social and cultural reasons. But they are in way secondary to their male counterparts and they are coming up today to take up the reign of power in every field of the world.

An Indian example where Manu Dharma treats women as slaves and promotes female infanticide

Recent assembly elections in India have proved the power of women. It has enthroned four women on the Chief Minister’s seat. Actually women are pulling the political reigns of the country today. Smt. Pratibha Patil, the most honorable woman of India, is the President of the country. The most powerful body of the country, The Lok Sabha which frames all rules for the country, is led by an able speaker woman named Smt. Meira Kumar. The strongest person who leads the strongest party of the country, pulling the political cords in and out of the country is a woman, Smt. Sonia Gandhi, the head of India’s oldest party, the Congress. The opposition largest democratic in the Parliament is led by a woman named Smt. Sushma Swaraj. To add this political record, four women have become the Chief Ministers of states. This should be, probably, a record unmatched anywhere in the world, exposing the strength of women in the country where Manu Dharma still has its strangling hold on women.

Seven qualities of an influential woman

1) Woman’s religious faith

There is saying that there is always a woman behind a man responsible for his victory. In a recent study conducted with ten thousand men answered that their mother of wife was responsible for their positive influence on their religious faith. This poll confirms a woman’s gift of influence in framing one’s faith. Their faith is revealed in the success of their children or life partners.

2) The most powerful quality of the ability to influence

A woman is commonly known for her ability to influence others. It starts from her childhood. If you watch a little girl with her daddy, you can notice her instinctive power to influence, batting her baby soft eyes or pouting her lips to close the request of what she wants.

3) The reason how women present ads in the modern commercial world

You can notice the influencing quality of women presented through the ads in the modern commercial world. This confirms the fact that they can hold the whole world through their influence. Not only in the ads but they are the influencing characters at the sales counters also.

The truth is that God has given woman the ability to influence and along with this privilege comes a responsibility to use it for God’s glory. From our physical makeup to the sound of our voice are all empowered to influence others.

4) Woman has the powerful quality of encouraging others

Encouraging someone is the most powerful quality of influence. Who can choose to use this power in a godly manner influencing others other than a woman? It is the patience of a mother or a wife that fosters up every good quality in children or others. It is their quality of positive words and encouraging nature that influence others around them and make them succeed.

5) Quality of persuasion and convincing others

The quality of a woman in persuading and convincing others makes her the light of life. It is a godly gift that makes her to empower, persuade, and convince others to the realities of life.

6) A woman has the power of announcing the world

There is a saying that any news can be spread as fast as possible through women. Is it the reason why Jesus chose Mary of Magdalene as the first messenger to announce his resurrection? A woman has the power of invitation. They have the power to attract, draw in, entice, urge, persuade, captivate and so on

7) The quality of good counsel

A woman has been a reliable counselor to both men and women. She has been a successful friend, philosopher and guide. It is because she listens better than her male counterparts. It is the God-given gift to a woman with the ability to give good counsel.

Women, in all her roles, can empower, set good examples, be gracious, stir to action, be aware of the enemies to good influence, and give good counsel. Let the womanhood of the modern world come forward to create a new world of hope and prosperity.


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