Sachidananda- The Great Guru of Transformation

India, known for its second largest population, corruption, poverty and depravity in many areas has inspiring tales to tell the world. True tales that would not make you sleepy rather keep your eyes open till the last punctuation. It is the story of a man, whom the world does not know. Even no one outside the periphery of his place has ideas about his deeds. He was born -rather doomed in his birth at a place, which is the known as the most backward and undeveloped part of a developing nation like India.

While at birth, he was named Subash meaning  sweet smell, anyone hardly knowing then the boy would grow up to take on the world of  spirituality with sheer rationale and sharp wisdom. He had an unusual nature with a deep fondness to know about every facet of spirituality. Orissa-his state-so far known in the world for the presence of Jagganth temple, Sun temple of konark, Car festival and abysmal poverty in a nation like India, had hardly anything to support him in his search for eternal wisdom and spirituality.

His childhood was spent steeped in poverty and due to his unusual nature, he had faced opposition from siblings. He was very good in his studies and liked by his village people for his philanthropic and artistic qualities.

While he grew up and after schooling came to the capital city of his state for higher education, he was made to serve as an errand-boy in a house-hold, which offered him free food and lodging. But the master of the household tortured him for every small thing. He was dragged and beaten black and blue for small mistakes and the master of the household took diabolical pleasure, while physically and mentally abusing the innocent servant boy.

Although he was a good student in the junior college, he had no money for books. To add to it, his master spared him no time to study. But through sheer determination and attentive attitudes to the lectures in the class, he completed his intermediate degree and enrolled in the graduation level. This enraged his master but due to some prevailing circumstances, the latter was unable to deter him from doing the course. He took the beating and abusive manners of his master as natural occurrings during the process of transformation. There came a time, he completed graduation with flying colors. His master was furious and on the pretexts of sorts, he drove him out of household.

Subash came to his village. But this time, more bad luck awaited him. His siblings looked upon him as an object of contempt and threw him out of their parental home. Gradually he found, he was drifting. Every element in the world opposed him. He was unable to meditate. Again he came back to the city, where he studied and roamed on the streets like a mad guy. He began sleeping on the streets and survived by taking up odd jobs. Unable to take up tortures of life, he contemplated on suicide.

But he was correct in his understanding. Indeed his life was under transformation. He met people, who were moved to the core of their hearts when they heard about his realistic talks on spirituality.

He bluntly disregarded the facts that God could be enshrined. Life is real God. Earmarking the limits of spirituality with sorts of religions and religious views is a mistake, that mankind has committed. In today’s context, the schism between religiosity and spirituality is widening.

“Now-a-days, religiosity is a farce-only to seed hatred between humans. It has instigated blood-shed, ill-feeling and compelled the entire human-race, not to live as one and united. While true spirituality does not seek divisions and differences in the humans”-He used to tell to the people, who listened spell-bound.

Gradually crowd around him swelled.  He renounced worldly ties and began wearing ochre garb People, frustrated under the puritanical and draconian principles of religions took to him as a new tutor of spirituality. They named him Sachidananda- a word meaning true knowledge of existence. He taught to all that rare is the human birth and if you live life torn between fictitious things handed down to you by your ancestors, you can not realize your importance. Religion, customs, superstitions and puritanical laws disintegrate you from living your life properly. All you need to do is to integrate with life; with pains and pleasures, success and failure and happiness and sorrow. Feel for every other thing, life has endowed on you. Feel the transience of the fleeting moments of your life. Every moment, there is a death and a new birth. Visualize life as a tree in blossom, without looking at few braches. Humans invariably make the mistake of watching just two branches of a big tree called life-past and future, unaware of the blossoms that the present moments have brought. The new relationships, new learning and newer changes in the present would hold you enthralled, if you observe life as a whole without getting disintegrated in pieces of past and future.

While common perception about yoga was it was few breathing and physical exercises, he redefined it in a new way.

“Yoga is the one that unites you with the pleasures of living. In the absence of it, it means biyoga, meaning there is absence of true pleasures in your life”- He told his audience.

He began teaching meditation. Earlier meditation was perceived as closure of eyes and visualization of a figure of God. But again, he proved it wrong.

“Just think what unites you with your life. It’s your breathing. There would not be life in the absence of breathing. Once you begin observing breathing, you will FEEL for the life-forces within you-your vital prana( life).When you get integrated with breathing, that would lead you to the absence of thoughts meaning silence. Silence keeps a human being thoroughly conscious. A spiritual being has to be very conscious”- He told his disciples listening in reverence.

“Today whatever mankind has perceived as living is superficial to its core. It is because whatever we term as actions are only reactions. Those are without any humanly feelings and understandings. Therefore consequences become fatal”- He explained.

Your life would of course be transformed if you feel for every other thing in life without any callousness. You need to develop understanding. You must understand the essence of relationship. How vital your relationship is with every animate and inanimate thing of the world.

Transformation and flowering of your life will come naturally when you begin to care for your relationship with everything in the world. Love is the ultimate tie that binds you with every object in the world.

Now-a-days, he teaches meditation. Frustrated human-beings are completely transformed under his able tutelage. He is the hero of our place, who has finally united us with pleasures of life.

Srikant Mohanty

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