Acer Eyes Increased Stake In The Team, The Smart Phone Pie

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But it is too early to WAS Mukund Managing Director of Acer Italy to put a number on how many tablet PCs and smartphones, the company sells in India and he realizes that he would not either.In easy, despite the odds, the company has made a background work and trust. “Acer will aggressively developing consumer computing products like Icon Series Tablet PC and the smartphone is based on a solid, its main activity of the PC. It will be our advantage over the players, who have little or no presence in the mass market of PC users. “

Mukund provides that Acer products will be more affordable and easy to use. “The company has developed smartphones and tablets, whose contents can be easily shared on different screen sizes, which was one of the main requirements of users by comments from our house.”

Business customers, as noted by the report of customer feedback, the expressed desire of tablet PCs running Windows, while some users were satisfied with the Android operating system.

The research was conducted on two approaches for its OS Acer Tablet PC – something that no other vendor does. When image series, the company opened five devices. “We are the first on the market have been launched in tablets honeycomb Google Android. – An open platform and Windows 7 offers a choice between two operating systems as our products have been developed based on feedback from group discussions , gives us a better understanding of consumer needs, “said Mukund.

To make a mark in the market for smart phones and Tablet PC, the company has aggressively to position their brand. Iconia Acer tablet PC, the company plans a total expenditure of $ 1 million. “We will participate in the ATL and BTL activities to capture the minds of consumers. We are also investing heavily in training our channel partners and retailers to address the market properly. This will be further enhanced through a tour of six cities for easy touch and feel and experience for consumers in general, “said S Rajendran, chief marketing officer of Acer India.

Analysts expect worldwide sales of Tablet PCs to reach 4 to 50 units in 2011, with Apple iPad dominate the market. Research firm IDC said shipments tablet may grow an average 57.4 percent per year in 2010-2014.

Samsung and Apple, the biggest players in the market for Tablet PCs, the first-mover advantage in the marketplace. Estimated to reach one million units by the end of 2011, the Tablet PC market is at a nascent stage. But when Apple ran the launch of IPAD 2 and Samsung announced the launch of two other models of tablet PCs, which only reiterated the importance the Indian market for global brands.

Ranjit Yadav, Country Manager, Samsung Mobile, IT, Samsung India, says. “We will begin a 10-inch tablet PC aound Rs 35 000 and the device is priced around Rs 28,000 8-inch Although the Tablet PC market, today to about 25,000 units per quarter and we expect to grow exponentially here”. Samsung has also sent a 3000-odd engineers for more than two R & D in India tailoring its smartphone, tablet PC, fine-tuning of application developers, so that the car with an appeal to the user.

Taiwan’s Acer taking one step at a time. Rajendra said: “In the first quarter, corresponding to our cities in the three major markets – Bangalore, Mumbai and Ahmedabad We classified internal counters at S +, S and A, and had the personnel and units of Acer brand outlets and assurance demonstration. specific operations within the framework of our positioning. “In the coming quarters, Acer hopes to expand to five other cities, focusing on increasing its presence in New Delhi, Surat, Chennai, Coimbatore and Pune. The company also has strategically built its network with a network of specialized computer stores to strengthen its distribution for smartphones and Tablet PCs.

Acer says Mukund attached great importance to get the right partners, and sales functions and support of Tablet PC and Smartphone products. “When a company like ours, we decided to take both the traditional IT channel partners and channel to address the smartphone market for a new tablet device,” said Rajendra.

Acer Acer currently has 275 department stores (exclusive of sales) and tap and is in talks with several large telecom operators, which are expected to actively bundling of 3G services with the device. “We see great opportunities for education and to ensure that we train our partners to address these markets,” said Mukund.


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