When is Really The Ending of The World?

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Lesson learned for those who believed that the world will end in May 21,2011. The Bible doesn’t say any specific date for Christ return and the ending of the world. This is a good motivation for us to  read the Bible so that we may be aware of the truth and that  we will not be deceived. The signs of the end of  time is here, we are experiencing it every now and then but this is not yet the end. We are yet to experience hard times as hard as we never imagined,  the worst is yet to come but if we are truly believers of Christ and we follow His commandments, His angels will take charge over us and we will be fine.

Did you ever imagined that there will come a time that religion will be unified and it will be inforced by the law that everybody should go to church on the same day?  When this thing will come, then we are at the very end of time. In our time today, there is still freedom of religion. Time will come that there is no more freedom of religion for everyone and the law will be passed that everybody will go to church on Sunday. Those who will disobey will be put to prison.  No body can buy or sell unless he is obeying the law and he has a mark which is to keep the Sunday Holy. Troubles will come to God’s people for they will be persecuted. All will be forced to obey the law of the land. If you can see these things happening, then in a short time, the world will end and the Lord will come.

The best thing for us to do now, is to study our Bibles. There are lots of information we can find in the Bible and it will point us to the truth. It is very good to have our own research rather than just believing in others. Second hand information is not always accurate. It needs thorough examination and study to find out the truth. If you are firmly grounded of the truth, you will not be deceived when somebody prophesy things like this. If Christians are not yet persecuted and the religion is not yet unified, then it is not yet the end of the world. We should study our Bibles to find out the truth.



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