Maxthon Web Browser Review

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There’s a sense of walking about the wild side when installing a browser with out a familiar logo splashed everywhere it. Foregoing the comforts of Firefox, Chrome and Traveler towards Flock, K-Meleon and company is compared to striking out into the digital wilderness, their names as exotic as those far-flung African capitals that so enamoured Victorian explorers. It comes as something of a disappointment then to learn to read that Maxthon already has 300 million downloads under its belt and is also built on Internet Explorer’s Trident rendering engine. Not as much striking to the wilderness as jumping in the car and driving to Croydon, it turns out.

Maxthon includes Opera’s Speed Dial with drag & drop support, letting you quickly access frequently visited web sites. Additionally, you are able to synchronize your favorites across difference computers (registration is necessary, obviously). One of the most interesting Maxthon features is “Maxthon Multi Search”. Basically, it means that you can quickly search for information via different search engines like google. Will be really useful, specially when it comes to images search or news. Fortunately for web developers, additionally, it includes WebKit Developer Tools. No additional files or add-ons are important, just hit on the icon and you really are ready.

Maxthon includes many of the wonderful features that can provide you with a comfortable, joyful and Web surfing experience. They have unique features, for example Advanced ADs blocker: support pop-up blocker and Website filter, support regular expression; File sniffer: Downloading video/MP3 files haven’t been so easy. just select the file type you need to catch and Maxthon will reveal any hidden file from the page. Advanced tab management: Close all tabs, auto refresh tabs, lock tabs.

A chance to assign keyboard shortcuts to web sites is handy, out of the box Split View, which opens two browsing windows side-by-side, each making use of their own tabs. File Sniffer lists Flash content on the website page and permits you to download it having a single click, while Ad Hunter, Content Control and Filter cause it to an easy task to block Flash, scripts, pop-ups, web pages, keywords, or any combination of the above mentioned. Strikes can be furthered bolstered with addons, though our wherewithal to read Chinese rather put paid to any attempts to test them out.

Maxthon is often a well considered web browser that does not only offers great performance and possesses intuitive software, but in addition, something, what some other browser lacks: exceptionally friendly configuration page to its new users. Needless to say, Maxthon still has stability issues as well as some flaws that need attention, specifically when you are considering UI customization. So, for anyone who is not just a clean UI junkie, have no need for a RSS reader and just like new stuff, provides it a spin, it’s a browser really worth trying. For your better browser, see Firefox, Google Chrome, or Internet Explorer.


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